Thursday, December 9, 2010

The end is near...bittersweet but still a little sad

Tuesday December 7
I sent teddy bears that were donated to us for different hospitals out. Then we started putting things together for our Naughty and Nice event. This entailed going to our storage facility and picking up a few boxes. The car service that was supposed to pick us up from there cancelled so it all became drama filled very quickly! But me, Heidi, and Stephen finally made it back to the office. Then I sent more teddy bears out.

After work I just chilled in my room after a long busy day. Then watched Gossip Girl with Lisa.

Wednesday December 8
The day started with me receiving around ten emails from Jing about sending bears too hospitals. I ended up sending three boxes each to about eleven hospitals....After that I took a break because I was running around with my head cut off almost and Jing said I needed a break lol...Then I helped pack up all of the raffle prizes for our event because the girl in charge of it all was a little stressed!

I could not get away from work fast enough! Everyone was going around crazy all day and the office was filled with boxes. So I left and went to Duane Reade for a snack and to buy some last minute items for my outfit I am wearing for the event. Then Kathleen and Brianna were waiting on me to eat but I had a left over burrito to eat from lunch. So they bought pizza and we just hung out for the rest of the night. Then I went back to my room and managed to lose my remote to the TV....still have no clue what I did with it :(

Thursday December 9
Today is almost my last day!!! I have sent off two boxes of teddy bears and helped Marisa with a few things and that is it! Tonight is the big Naughty and Nice event where I will be helping at the Registration table..I am told the event will be fun but we shall is a fundraiser for Project Sunshine where we invited Young Professionals..hope to see some celebs maybe :)

Tomorrow is my LAST day at Project Sunshine and event with them!!! It has been fun, stressful, frustrating, and just a experience I will never forget.

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