Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The last two days...not so exciting!

Sunday night September 26 I ended my night with seeing the show Chicago! The show was so much fun...I had not remembered much from the movie so all of the Broadway show was pretty much new to me. Their is alot of dancing and plain black costuming in this show but the dancers are amazing! They do a dance called Fosse. I went to see it with girls from my place Andrea, Lisa, Jenna, and a few others. Andrea is here for dancing so she was all over this show. It was so much fun sitting with her and seeing how much she enjoyed the show and appreciated the dancing!

Monday September 27
Monday morning started the week of dreariness! It has rained SO much this week already! Four people I am around alot have not been feeling well and so I am  just hoping it is the weather and not that everyone is sick. As soon as I arrived at work I was swept away to the back to my new desk. We had two new interns start Monday so I was moved to the back where more of the team workers desks are. At first I was upset about this because Jenny a past intern works in the front of the office and I like her alot. But now I am starting to get used to and like having my own little corner. We were sent four huge bags full of craft kits. It is now my job to go through all of the kits and make sure that they are acceptable to send to other hospitals. Then I have to find in the database hospitals that need supplies and then box them all up and ship them off. The goal is to ship items we recieve as fast as possible and to the hospitals that need them the most. This task took me a while so when I was done it was time for lunch and Caitlin wanted the interns to go out to lunch and get to know each other. Now in the office their is me from Sam Houston, Kaylee from NYU, Kevin from New Hampshire, and Marissa who is from Massachusetts but is originally from California! We had alot of fun talking and getting to know each other and this made me feel alot more comfortable with my job and being at work. I am very happy that they are there with me and seeing what we all can bring to Project Sunshine.

After lunch I did not have much to do and Kaylee had said that she had a huge list of things to do so I helped her with a few things. One of the things was tying shirts nicely like a gift for a training session we had Monday night. I do not enjoy doing this kind of project but it gave me practice and I actually started looking close to a pro. Then ended the work day folding shirts for a huge event Caitlin has Wednesday with a very important company to us so everything had to look professional and nice.

Brianna and I were supposed to meet Sunday night to get a cupcake from Crumbs Bakery but I ended up seeing Chicago instead so after work we met up to get a cupcake. I had a Half Baked cupcake which is alot like a cookie dough one. It was so good! I have been so bad about sweats but they are so good! I figure I am walking so much that I can splurge a little. Probably not as much as I do but whatever :)
Then Gossip Girl was on last night and so me, Erika, Lisa, and Aaron watched it in Lisa's room. We had alot of fun recognizing places they filmed at and talking about Fashion's Night Out because the show was based around it last night.

Tuesday September 28
Caitlin did not come in until late today because she was not feeling well. This started a huge scare in the office that everyone was going to get sick! The weather has been so gloomy, humid, and rainy. My first task was to send Project Sunshine bags to Tennessee for a new Project Sunshine starting from a new company supporting our cause. Then I finished folding all the shirts for the event tomorrow. On Thursday we have a Sunshine Chef event in Brooklyn and so today we had to order all of the food. I was asked to look up all the ingredients and find out if the store we used had all of the items we needed. After this we were sent blankets and pillows from our event last week we had with NY Life. I was asked to find two hospitals in New York to send these items too because NY Life works with the people of New York on Medicare and things of this nature. So I shipped and updated the database on shipping these items. Then Kevin had not been shown the craft kit database yet so I was able to teach him how it all worked and what he needed to do to update the database and ship items to hospitals. After this their was nothing pressing to get done so I started making more baseball craft kits so that we could send to hospitals more often rather than waiting on our supporters to make kits for us. To end the day I ran an errand to Sovereign Bank to get paperwork for our program starting in Kenya.

When I arrived back at my place Lisa wanted to hang out. So I had not watched Desperate Housewives yet and wanted to catch up so we did that. Then we ate dinner and watched Glee!

A side note to my day is that one of our kids in Project Sunshine back home is at Texas Children's tonight. He is having problems with seizures. Please pray that he gets through this hard time and strength for his family! Thanks!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Call Me Emily or the intern...

Hey everyone! It has been a while but let me fill you in on the end of my week...

Thursday September 23
I arrived at work at ten. The first thing waiting for me on my desk was applications to file away. Then we had some items left from our event on Monday that needed to be put away so I took care of that. Then for the hard/frustrating part. Caitlin, my mentor has a event coming up this next week for a big company and it is carnival themed. So she asked me to go to Duane Reade (the pharmacy), a 99 cent store, and a place called Jack's World that has a bunch of everything to find bowls, containers, baby wipes, q tips, and hand sanitizer. Also we are tax exempt because we are non profit so I learned alot about how that works on my adventure. So I started my journey at the closest and cheapest place but they did not have anything I needed. So I headed to Jack's World where I found the exact containers Caitlin was looking for. Then I went to Duane Reade where things like q tips and hand sanitizer was really expensive so all I bought there was baby wipes and kleenex. I already had my hands full with bags so this was a challenge. Then I headed back to the 99 cent store which had q tips and sanitizer for a dollar. My arms were packed with bags! I felt like the girl off of Devil Wears Prada, "emily". But as I was walking in the office building door Beatrice a women who I work with was walking in and so we were able to chat in the elevator. She is from New York and finds it amazing when people move here and find their way around because she still gets lost. I really enjoyed our conversation. Then I just finished the day with printing sunny grams and sending some boxes off.

Of course Grey's Anatomy premiered on Thursday so I watched that with a group and then watched Private Practice in my room before bed..my group watched Jersey Shore which I said peace out too because it is not my kind of show...

Friday September 24

Work was super slow! Only a total of three people were probably in the office at anytime all day...I even was able to take an hour lunch break for myself! I shipped some items for Jenny. Then Heidi had her last pile of applications that I put in alphabetical order and then filed. Jing has a Sunshine Chef event on Wednesday so she had me work on some things for that since I am volunteering at that event. The main thing I worked on was of course with fabric making bandannas. All the bandannas I made look awful but she said it does not matter (probably to make me feel better) because it is for kids. Then a huge shipment for Caitlin came in and so she had me organize all of it and then find places in storage for it all to go. This took up the rest of my day because I had to organize the storage room first then put everything away.

Friday night I went  to see Easy A which was a pretty bad movie but the group I went with has the kind of humor. So it was fun to just hang out with them. Then we went and ate chinese food after.

Saturday September 25
Was a really long day! The day started at 10 AM for me. Me, Lisa, and Erika went on a Broadway Scavenger Hunt. Everything was alot of fun but frustrating because we were all over the theater district and went to the same places a ton of times...better planning will be needed for next time!

Saturday night we went to see La Cage with Kelsey Grammar which was really good! It is based on the Birdcage. I love that movie so the music and story was so much fun ....an extra plus was that one of the drag guys was from Beaumont,TX! I got a picture with him afterwards! All of the guys in that show have some amazing legs! lol

Sunday September 26
I went to church with Andrea and it was so amazing! All of the people were so inviting...we will definitely be going back! The preacher talked about the shepherd and his sheep! We were invited to a apple orchard picking event and I think we are going to go to which will be really fun!

Going to see Chicago tonight! More to come...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday September 22, 2010

so today was boring..... i stayed busy sending craft kits, surgi dolls, and sunny grams. then i did some filing. suprisingly all of this kept me busy until about an hour left of work. then we all didnt have much to do so we actually were able to learn some things about each other.

after work i was walking down broadway and noticed a crowd around macys... i was on the phone with mom so she looked it up and found out madonna was coming for her new line, material girls....of course....it was so fun because her carpet was pink ... i only got good pictures of taylor monsen and the top of madonna and her daughters head...

good ending to a regular day....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Its only Tuesday!

Monday morning I woke up extremely tired! Which was not good because I knew that I had a long day ahead of me but had no idea how long. I ended up working from ten until seven thirty. The first thing I did was sent off bedding to two different hospitals. Given the opportunity to be in charge of something like sending off items for a good cause has been amazing. My job most of the time is to keep the database up to date and then to actually keep sending off all the items we receive as soon as possible. Then I was asked to go pick up cookies from a bakery that I learned was downtown. Unfortunately I had to take the subway which I still am not good at. Directions and maps have never been an interest for me. So when I got on the subway I was very confident but then I found out I was in Queens not in Manhattan anymore. I had to find my way back which ended up not being that bad once I knew the exact stop I was supposed to be at. Now I had to find the shop called Milk and Cookies and no one could tell me where the street was at. I must have asked ten people. After walking around for a little bit I finally got in a cab that took me right to the place which was about two blocks over.

Getting the cookies was frustrating because it took forever for anyone to come to the counter to help me but I finally was given the box. I was very careful to leave the shop and get back into a cab. Once I arrived at my office building the frustration started to boil again...the credit card would not work to pay for the cab. Finally the cab driver got his stupid machine to work after the sixth time of putting the card through the machine. Then I went to get out and walk into the building. As I am walking into the building the box of cookies fall out of my hands. The place did not pack the cookies well and they were stars so alot of them were broken in the fall from the points. At this point I just wanted to go home and get in bed! But I had an event to get ready for that we were leaving for in the next thirty minutes.

On my short break I ate lunch and calmed my nerves but at this point I was feeling horrible. Once we arrived at Good Shepperd where the event was held the setting up began. Me and two other Project Sunshine people set up all the tables and started putting the food coloring and icing for the cookie decorating. I had food coloring all over me and still have blue color on my hands.

As soon as the event started the pressure on my shoulders dropped. I helped out with tie dye journals. At first I was very skeptical about this project because it had alot of steps.But the project ended up being alot of fun for the  girls and looked really cute. I ended up leaving a little early because my stomach was killing me and I was not enjoying myself. Also a friend of mine was having a dinner party that I wanted to stop by at. The event was alot of fun while I was there and Miss Teen USA showed up and a Sports Illustrated model also showed up. The girls loved hanging out with these ladies and I was very impressed with how involved they get at events. Good Shepperd is a hospital/foster system that houses teen girls who have been through alot either with abuse or just bad home environments.

The dinner party was alot of fun! Once I was away from the drama/bad day at work I was finally able to enjoy myself and ended up ending my day with a smile and exhaustion! The main thing that put a smile on my face was when we walked back to the hotel and suddenly rats started coming out of the areas where garbage was...a friend of mine Jose started freaking out! This was a hilarious end to my day and gave me a great laugh!

Tuesday started with me printing out sunny grams. I had ordered some more yellow card stock paper because I had run our last week and it had finally been delivered. Then Lisa, the Director of Development, asked me to type up her expense sheet and cut out some pictures. Both of these tasks were a great challenger for me. First off it has been a long time since I have used Excel and so I was very glad that she had a template to follow. This task ended up turning out exactly what she needed which made me feel great. I actually started feeling like I knew what I was doing for once. Then she had asked me to cut out some pictures for her that she had printed off. Like I have probably already said cutting is not my thing and so this freaked me out! But she is also left handed and understands that because of this fact cutting is difficult. Once I handed all the cut pictures back to her she actually mentioned that the work was way better than what they would have looked like if she had done them...HUGE SMILE!!! on my face...

Then Caitlin asked to have a meeting with me. She informed me this week was my one month anniversary with them which I had not realized. Then basically asked me what my strengths in the office and my weaknesses were. Well I have never thought about that because I do not look at myself ever. So the meeting was a huge eye opener for me and showed me a little bit why my internship experience might be lacking a little bit and that is because of me.

Once my meeting was over Caitlin asked me to send ten packages to three different locations for a new project. The project is the fleece pillows so I had to send alot of fabric to three companies so that they can go ahead and put them together for us. Boxing and getting all of this together was very time consuming and also confusing because each one was being shipped differently. I had never had this situation happen so I had to really pay attention to what I was doing. Heidi asked me if I needed help but I am one of these people that I would rather do the work myself and keep it all organized in my own way. After this task was done and the boxes were outside the door waiting to be picked up I had to put away all of the packages from last night. We had about five bags full of stuff that needed to be put away back in the storage room. Then I had a minute to eat lunch finally! Then Heidi had a filing job to do that I got started on but did not finish and will have to do tomorrow...

To end my work day I was asked to sit in on a business meeting. A Child Life Specialist was coming to meet with Project Sunshine about event possibilities that could be held at her hospital. We talked about everything form craft kits, volunteers, celebrity appearances, and programs just for teens because they do not get alot of visitors at her hospital. The whole time my brain was going with ideas for her hospital. I can not wait to look into some new projects and hopefully propose them to Caitlin.  Also I really was considering what this women's job was and I really want to look into it to see if it could possibly be a career....

Once I left at 5:30 my friend Lisa texted and wanted to hang out in the lounge. So I changed from work clothes and got comfortable and went to hang out. Then the people started crowding in so that we could all watch Glee together! Glee was so good tonight! I can not wait for more and it was so fun to be with a huge group that all love the same show. But after that I was exhausted so now I am back in my room and about to go to sleep!

Until next time I have a break to update ...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend full of eating!

Friday I spent my day at work rolling up t shirts nicely for a event we have Monday. This took forever because rolling shirts then tying string around them like a gift is not my forte...Then I delivered a package to 57th street. This meant I had to use the subway again but this time I was very successful. Thanks to Emily, a coworkers direction I made it there with no problems. Then I went back to my place and made pasta because I was starving! Skipping lunch at work is never a good idea but I did for some reason...Then I decided that reading my book "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" sounded like a good relaxing activity to start my weekend. After reading for a few hours I received a text about going to a bakery with a couple of girls. We were all craving a sweat treat so we found a 24 hour bakery that could satisfy all of our wants...We were very excited to find out the fact that it was 24 hours but decided they really should not have told us that! I bought a chocolate cigar which is a pastry with chocolate on the ends. It was very good but I will probably try something different next time I go. Then we went back to the 9th floor lounge to meet up with the rest of the group. They had decided that we were going to try a club near by. So we were going to meet back up at 11 and check it out. When we got there the club was closed for renovation. I decided instead of following everyone around the city all night to find a club to go back to the hotel and go to bed. At this point it was around 3 A.M. and I was exhausted!

Saturday I woke up at 11. I decided that I must have really needed the sleep...hung out with my roommate and read some of my book again! Then at 5 P.M. a group of us went to a festival called Feast of San Gennaro. It was in Little Italy/Chinatown and so I was very excited to go because I had not been to this area yet. We took the subway in order to get there so that let me learn more about the subway which is something I need desperately. At the festival I ate so much! First I started off with of course pepperoni pizza,then a fried Oreo, and to end it off I had a cannoli. I could not believe that I had never tried a fried Oreo! They are at almost every festival I have ever been too I just have never gotten one. It was pretty good but I will take a double stuff Oreo from the refrigerator any day.
After the festival some of us girls wanted to check out a shop we had seen when walking around Little Italy. One of us had seen a sign for $10 shoes! I did not find anything to buy but they did have some really cute pieces there. I will definitely have to go back and shop in Little Italy.
Then we decided that going to a karaoke bar or place would be fun! So about ten of us at 11 headed to go belt out some songs! Well you know me and I had already decided that all I was going to do was sit and sing but was not going to get on the mic. When we got there we paid and were told we would have a private room for an hour. As people started singing I knew all of the songs and of course started singing. I was pressured into singing a few songs on the mic with a few people. We were all being so goofy that it did not matter what you sounded like....I had so much fun and could not believe how far out of my comfort zone I was! I definitely will do that again because I had such a great time. Then singing made a few of us hungry again...imagine that after what we had already eaten...so we went to Mc Donald's where I found that instead of getting two chocolate chip cookies for a dollar like in Texas I can get three for a dollar her in New York. This was a good but really bad thing for me to find out!
By this point it was about 2:30 and I was exhausted so I hung out on the 9th floor for a little while and then headed to bed!

Sunday, or today, has been a very lazy day! I slept until ten and then stayed there for a few more hours. Then I wanted to wait for my roommate to wake up before I headed to the grocery store. I was all out of food and needed some desperately! So around two she finally woke up and we ran to the store. We have offered our room to the EHS staff to have tours come through on a daily basis so in return we were given gift cards to a grocery store. This made my shopping so easy today because I just grabbed whatever I wanted and did not worry one bit how much it was! Now I am all stalked up for a while and have money left over on my gift card :)

Now I am catching up on internship stuff so I do not have to do it later, might see what some other people are up to, or read ...

All in all a jam packed weekend and I need so much more sleep but it was all worth it!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rough Couple of Days

So I will never again we will see what the day brings again! The past two days have been absolutely horrible but has had some fun moments too....

Wednesday I worked from 10-5. This day actually went by really fast. As soon as I got to the office I was bombarded by at least three different people about a surprise party we were throwing for a co worker Caitlin. Wednesday was her 5th year anniversary at Project Sunshine. I made nice little napkin holders and place settings for everyone and we printed out pictures of her everywhere in the conference room. We ate sushi and cupcake together for lunch and then all chatted for about an hour or more. This was really fun because I had not gotten to see everyone together and their personalities come out since I started working there. Then it was back to work where I printed out Sunny Gram cards, went to Staples because it would not be a day at work without one stop to that office place, and then I was asked to go deliver a invitation to a realty company  and then to another place. To end my day I went out to eat with Brianna and her friend from home Katharine. This was an adventure because apparently on week nights you are not allowed into certain restaurants unless you are 21 and older. We finally were able to get into Dave and Busters because I guess I looked 21 and so the receptionist figured he would not get into trouble. He told us this would be a one time deal. I ate chips and dip which was very good and gave me a second meal that I ate tonight for dinner.

Thursday started out really easy going. I walked in to find that me and Caitlin had on almost the exact same outfit on. Now this kind of scared me a little because I do not usually like the style of clothing worn here in New York. But my outfit of leggings a long shirt and flats was really comfortable and that is what I was going for, comfort. Then I started printing Sunny Grams immediately! Yesterday I printed out exactly 800 of them and was told today that Caitlin needed about 500 more. So I knew that I had to get some done today. This did not happen unfortunately I only was able to print 100. Jing, the person in charge of sending items to hospitals that are donated to us asked me to send some blankets that had been sent in. The goal is to get rid of everything we recieve as soon as it comes in as long as we have the boxes to do so. I ended up sending off ten blankets today for her. We have quite a few more left and when they get more boxes I will be glad to send them off to a hospital in need. Later this morning Caitlin approached me and said that a hospital in Arkansas was interested in recieving some of our craft kits but wanted to see samples of each one that we give out. So my job today was to put together a journal, puppet, and baseball craft kit. Unnfortunately I did not understand her right and made a craft for each one. She meant for me just to make a kit so I had to start over. Once I really thought about it I should have known to just make the kits but my brain was just not functioning completely today. Something fun that happened today was that the Miss Teen USA 2010 came into the office today. Both her and Miss USA do work with Project Sunshine. Kamie came in today to volunteer some time with us doing whatever Caitlin needed. She ended up making a few Sunny Grams that were the cutest things ever! I loved looking at them once she left. They were all decorated very creatively and I was very impressed. What was weird was I wanted to like meet her and talk to her but everyone was so calm and it was just like a normal day in the office. So needless to say I talked to her when she came in and then did not see her again. I was sent on another errand! This time was to go back to the founders office. This time it was for Beatrice our office manager. I still have not figured out why they do not use a messanger but Iguess they like to use my free services...This is a big part of my rough days! Then to make matters worse at 5 PM when I was on my way out the door I was asked to take a invitation to Rockefeller Center which is no where near my location. I was told to take a company credit card and buy a metro card. The only problem was that I have only used the subway once or twice and I have always been with people. Needless to say I got off too early and ended up in Chinatown. I was so freaked out! Did not think I will ever get there but after some freaking out to mom and asking around the subway I finally made it. Now too the very frustrating part...I get to the right building the Rockefeller Plaza and the security asked me who I needed to see and I told them. Then he motions me to follow then sees to men walk in the door grabs the invitation from me hand it to a man and says "That was him"....I was so angry! I mean I went through all that for me not even to hand the invite over myself and now I had to walk back to my place in the rain! It was the most miserable afternoon ever....So I decided that I deserved a cupcake. Crumbs cupcakes has the best cupcakes! Tonight I ate a Reese's one and it was amazing! I was immediately in a better mood after eating it :) Then I hung out with a group at Tick Tock Diner downstairs in my place for a while and became really sleepy! So now I am updating this blog because I have been so bad  about it....now its sleep time!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Call Me The Messenger

Today started out slow....then I walked into the Project Sunshine office where it was busy non stop today. First I kept on working the baseball craft kits I started yesterday. Then Heidi, the administrative manager asked me to bring envelopes to the founder of project sunshine today. His office is a few blocks away and so I was told it was a ten minute walk. Well with my sense of direction it took a little lolnger. But I made it and unfortunately he was not in his office so I gave them to the secretary. Maybe next time I go he will be there for me to meet him. Once I was back at the office two huge packages were waiting for me to send off and then it was lunch time. Caitlin asked me if I wanted to eat in the conference room with everyone else and so of course I did. There was alot of girl talk and trying different foods and just a good break. Then Heidi had another delivery for me to make that was in the opposite direction I had to go before but it did let me see an area I had not been too before so that sort of helped. At this point it was around 3:30 just enough time to finish the craft kits I was working and be out of the office at 5.

This evening I read some of my book "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" which has finally become interesting. Then there was an ice cream social on the 9th floor which was very good. The socializing was disappointing because it was so loud that my normal crowd left to go somewhere else and I did not realize they had gone. So my evening started to get a little down in the dumps. But later I decided to go eat some real food instead of just junk and in that lounge I found people to hang out with and brought my spirits up a little. We watched footage on the news about Fashion's Night Out and we looked to see if they showed us at any point. I think I was in one of the segments but it went by so fast that I could not tell. But it was very interesting to learn more about the fashion industry.

Today was not on  the top of my list of days here in New York but I guess not every day can be great. Now it is time for bed because it is way past my bedtime. Can not wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Tiring Day!!!

I woke up this morning exhausted! This could have been because I stayed up until 1 AM... I arrived at work to about three tasks alreaady on my desk waiting on me. I sent three or for packages with craft kits for hospitals and surgi dolls. Then I was asked to go to Staples and buy report folders but they were very specific on what they wanted. Well when I got there of course they did not have what I needed. I was then sent to Office Depot where I found the right items. I was later sent again for more. By that point I was starving and was feeling like having some Mc Donalds because I have not had it since I arrived. I have to get those french fries and amazing diet coke in every once in a while. For some reason I love the taste of Mc Donalds drinks. When I went back to work I was met with another package to send off and the task of making 40 craft kits. This task was not finished today but will be very soon I hope.

Now after work I picked up my mail which had my new glasses in it! I am really going to have to get used to wearing them. Tonight I am waiting on a Movie Night to start here at the hotel on one of the floors taken over by EHS, the organization that I have housing through. I hope it is something engaging because I am pretty sleepy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Catch up first post!

 I have been in new york for two full weeks now. Every minute of it has been packed and amazing!

Me and mom arrived in New York on Friday, August 27th. We left Houston at 6 AM which made a very early start but was worth arriving to New York by lunch. We checked into the New Yorker in a hotel room because I could not check in as a resident until Saturday. We ate at the Tick Toc Diner which is downstairs. We both had burgers and shakes. It is very good but pricey so I have not been back since but it hit the spot.

Then Saturday I moved into my dorm room which is very small and has taken me time to get used to. I have not had to share a room in years so that has been very difficult. I met my roommate Alexis Ochoa right away and she is from California. We soon would realize that our room was going to be problematic. My bed covers up the closet and everything is so packed into this one room that the furniture can not be rearranged. We have since made under our beds the closet space. After we got all of my stuff down to my room from the hotel room (Their is an elevator for the first twenty floors which I take to get to my room 1483 and then another set of elevators for the hotel room floors) I unpacked and figured out what I still needed. Then went to find where my internship, Project Sunshine was and how far of a walk it is which is only four blocks away. By this point we were starving so food was a must and it had to be  close so me and mom went to TGIF which is across the street from my place.  Later that night I had a pizza social to go to where I got to know my neighbor Brianna Sullivan. She is a freshman this year at John Jay and is from Bay Shore, Long Island. After that I met mom back up at her hotel room and went to sleep after our long day.

Sunday we decided to take a Citysights NY tours that showed us around the city in my area. We were able to see things like The Singer building where the first Singer sewing machine was made, Catherine Hepburns house, 5th Ave. where all the shopping is, Ground Zero, Battery Park, where Project Runway is filmed, and Trump Towers. There was alot more but that is just some of the amazing sites we were shown. Then we met up with my neighbor Brianna and ate dinner at Chevys which is a mexican food restaurant that we used to eat at in California that we found in Time Square. The food was really good and helped me get to know my neighbor a little more. After that it was awards time so I went and watched with mom and then I had to go back to my new dorm room to sleep before my bid day at Project Sunshine.

Monday I was officially on my own and started at 7 AM. I did not want to be late for my first day. I also had to watch GMA to start my morning like every morning because I love it! One day I am going to get up early enough to be in the crowd. Work started for me at 10:30. I was given introductions to everyone in the office and then a brief training or run through of the events happening with Project Sunshine by my advisor Caitlin Moses. This is when it hit me that I was at my first real internship/job. This was a great feeling! I was asked to become familiar with the files on my computer for the first part of the day. Then I was given the task of shipping some items to hospitals and learning how to update the documents on Excel that holds the data for things shipped from Project Sunshine. Caitlin and and another firl who works at Project Sunshine, Naomi brought me to eat at a sandwich shop and ice cream afterwards. All on Project Sunnshine for the first and last time. The sandwich was good and the ice cream was amazing!!! I got rasberry ice cream with hot fudge! Once work was over I went on a tour of my neighborhood with one of the EHS RA's and found the best and closest grocery store to me. Me and Brianna ended up going back there after the tour to get as much groceries that we though we may need and that we could carry back to our place.

Tuesday's work day brought more shipping and organizing the storage closet in order for everyone to find items they needed faster. Also so that they can ask me where things are and I can tell them immediately. I am the "storage closet manager" now....Brianna came and met me for lunch. We ate at Bravo Pizza which had the greassiest pizza! I could barely eat it and I love pizza. Then that night we worked out to work off that gross pizza!

Wednesday I went to work at 10 and afterwards went to the lounge on the 9th floor and met some new people. Then ate dinner with my roommate.

Thursday was one busy day! I actually remembered for the first time to bring lunch with me. I was told Wednesday afternoon that I had to pick up a DVD by 10:45 on 5th avenue. My work is on  6th avenue so it was not far from work but I knew I would get lost so I tried to leave early. It turned out that the guy I was supposed to meet was late to work that day. Once I received the DVD thirtty minutes later I had to go all the way to a company by my place which is on eighth avenue to pick up some more DVD's. I was very  sweaty and gross by the time I got back to work. I was very glad I had on a comfortable dress but not so comfortable shoes. This day is when my lovely blistered feet started! Once I was back to work I was asked to start on some Leadership packets for Jenny who is over all of the college chapters involved in Project Sunshine which I think is really cool and quite a task. Then I did some random tasks like picking up diet cokes for a meeting happening later that day and putting pictures away from a event which Abigail Breslin was in and some football players. Then a actually very confusing task of sending a DVD that I had picked up to Canada. This was confusing because you had to fill out this form I had never seen before but now I know how to send a package to Canada!

Finally Friday!!! Friday was a early leave day because of Labor Day. I attempted to make what felt like a never ending stack of leadership binders for Jenny. Then was asked to buy 25 spiral notebooks from Staples which I have learned is on every corner in this city! I got to the checkout and the lady rung my huge stack of spiralls up handed me the bag and I left. Did you notice I said bag? Yeat, I get back to the Project Sunshine building where me and Naomi realize they did not give me all of my items. So now I had to walk all the way back to get them which was not far but felt far because I was so frustrated. Once Naomi had all of her supplies she had me send them to a hospital for a program called Sunshine Chefs. This program is where kids are taught how to eat healthy and are able to make the items they learn about. Since it was a early leave day I got off at 3 and headed to my place in a hurry. I was headed to meet Brianna so that we could take a train to Long Island for the weekend. A hurricane was supposed to hit Long Island but all we got was a little rain and lots of wind. Once we arrived in Bay Shore we had dinner at a Italian restaurant with Briannas mom and grandfather. We ate pizza and pasta which was all delicious!

Saturday we woke up at about ten. Briannas dad went and got us egg and bacon sandwiches from a bakery that is one of their favorites. Then we got dressed to meet Briannas friend Sarah so that we could head to Fire Island, a beach. The beach was very windy and we were pelted with sand all afternoon but we still had fun. Then we enjoyed a shake from the little grocery store there where I realized that I had forgotten about putting on sunscreen! I got so sunburned and am now starting to peel....That night me and Brianna ate at a place alot like Tokyo's where they cook your food in front of you. Everything tasted amazing and we were stuffed! All that could make the end of the day great was to catch up on our favorite TNT shows Rizolli and Isles and The Closer. ( I could not believe when Brianna told me what shows she liked that I liked all the same shows...so much fun).

Sunday I recieved a tour of Bayshore from Brianna. She showed me her school, favorite places to eat, and where she shops. Then that night we had dinner with Brianna's whold family. They made hamburgers and a whole lot of sides! Brianna wanted to play a game so she brough Apples to Apples home for her family to learn how to play. Being with her family reminded me of being home and was such a blessing. I am so thankful for meeting them when I did.

Wow I have written alot!!!! Well I am not completely caught up! Have one more week to go...

Monday the office was closed for Labor Day so we did not get back from Long Island until 11. Then I decided to go to Bryant Park and read my book "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" for a few hours. I was so amazed with the people around me and the sites that I think I only read a few pages into my book...Alexis was getting back to The New Yorker in the early afternoon so we decided to meet up and go do something. We were told to check out a place called Highline Park. This park is over old railroad tracks and is supposed to stretch one whole side of Manhattan when it is complete I believe. Right now the view is of New Jersey and streets of New York. Then they have a alcove that plays all the bells of new york. Every minute a new bell goes off and they have a list that tells you which one is going off at that minute.

Tuesday it was back to work/internship. I sent some Project Sunshine t shirts to San Marcos, TX for their college chapter which made me smile. Then sent two other packages, finished the leadership binders finally, and finished some craft kits for hospitals I had been working on. That night ALexis had to go to the pharmacy so I went with her and then we ate noodles and sauce in the lounge which is the easiest and one of the only meals to make in that lounge.

Wesnesday I was supposed to work on making one of those fleece blankets where you cut fringes and tie the knots to make a blanket. But I am left handed and we have no left handed scissors or fabric scissors at Project Sunshine so that project was a dud. Then I was asked by Emily, one of the business managers to look through bank statements and find reciepts so that she could complete that task. Then my day ended with finally getting to send off the craft kits I had worked so hard on.

Thursday I started work knowing that I wanted to do something after preferably a Broadway show. So this got me through the day very quickly.  All I did was random stuff around the office. Then I met Brianna to go see what tickets we could buy for a show. We ended up seeing Mary Poppins which was amazing. I loved the sets so much!

Friday! Work was very low key. I cleaned off a desk that had a event for a girls foster care place items on it. We are doing a spa night and lots of girly fun things for them as the ystarting back school. Then I was asked to find new mint container options because the one's we used have been discontinued. Once I found a few options I was given the task of cleaning out two boxes in the storage room from the gala they had in May. They were filled with gold and silver bags that were given as favors at the event but they had alot left over so I had to empty all of them and seperate all the different items. Then fold up the bags nicely so they would not be messed up and then put away the other items. Since it was a slow day I talked to caitlin about a few things to do in the city and just had a good chat. Then she told me I could leave if I was done with everything. 30 minutes early, YES! My plan was to get back to my place in order to go to Fashion's Night Out with Brianna but she had homework to do. So I went with my new friends Molly, from Lubbocck,TX and she is also here for an internship but with Calvin Klein and Patrick who is here also for fashion. We went all over the city to get a glimpse of the celebs out for Fashion's Night Out. We ended up seeing Alexander Wang, the girl from Aquamarine, Leighton Meester, and Rachel Zoe. We probably walked by some celebs but people were verywhere so who knows...

Saturday I slept in because Fashion's Night Out was a long night. Then I decided to walk from where I live 35th street to 59th street where Central Park is and read some of my book. I basically got there and sat down on a bench and started reading. I read for about two hours and made a little dent in my book. The day was beautiful and a great day to be in the park. Since I was so close to FAO Schwarz I decdided to leave early from the park and go there next. That store is amazing! Toys are everywhere as everyone has heard. I had fun watching all the little kids play on the BIg Piano and remembering watching that movie a few times at home.....Then of course I had to buy something so I headed towards candy! All kinds of candy was there and I definitely went a little bit overboard but it was very good! Plus once I left there I had to walk all those blocks back to my place so I ended up walking it all off...The walk was very nice but I was exhausted when I got back. But I had Sierr and mom group chatting with me and wanting to upload pictures so they could see everything. So i did that as best as I could at the moment. At eight I was meeting with a group in the lounge to play a huge game of UNO it was so much fun! Then we were all hungry so we went to a place that sold $1 Pizza slices so we went their and decided it was late and we were all getting up early the next morning for another event.

Sunday or should I say finally TODAY!!!
The plan was to meet a big group of us to go get seats for the Broadway on Broadway in TIme Square by eight a.m. When we got there we were told the seating was for V.IP. This meant for the next three hours we got to stand in the street surrounded by barricades to keep us where we were. The shows all sounded really great and sang one show from there individual Broadway shows. Some of the shows there were Lion King, Mama Mia, WIcked, Phantom of the Opera, and Stomp. We had a really great time with the rain and all. Cameras and mind games from camp can save any waiting period. After the show we were all starvig so we went to Chipolte shere I had a chicken burrito which was very good! Even though we have those in Texas I had never been. As we were walking back my friend Andrea asked me if I wanted to go to church at Time Square Church instead of heading back with her and so we headed that way. We were both so soaked from rain but it was such a big church that no one really cared. I did have someone stop me on the sidewalk to tell me I was going to get sick but I had to get to my place before I could change so there was nothing I could do about it...Church was very different. It is a non denominational church but I knew all of the songs and the pastors sermon was very good. It was all about what wer are going to do to increase our "garden" or witness and how what we do impacts how we witness to others. I will probably go back next week.

Now we are to Sunday night which is right now! Well Sierra told me I should start a blog so that is what I am doing starting a blog! Sorry for such a HUGE post but now I will keep up with it.