Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holidays! Internship almost over....almost time to leave NYC :/

Sunday  November 28
I was lazy all day! Eventually I went and worked out but for the  most part I caught up on sleep.

Monday November 29
I worked on cleaning my back area at work all day because it is a mess. Then after work me Brianna and Kathleen went to Shake Shack. This place is a popular burger and shake joint but to me it was nothing special.

Tuesday November 30
We had mine and Stephen farewell lunch. They ordered sandwiches and we talked about each of our experiences....Then I had to go to the bank to pick up a wire transfer...get Beatrice to sign it...bring the paper back to the bank. Also picked up a coffee pot because someone left it on during the Thanksgiving break.....
Then I went to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ;) I was across the street but got to see the tree light up and here some of the performances....just wish others from my group could have made it.

Wednesday December 1
I worked on last minute internship paper stuff....also had to un do a bunch of craft kits that were junkie and keep the salvageable items...Then I updated the fundraiser database that goes along with our Naughty and  Nice event next week.

After work I went to Subway because I had not eaten all day and was starving! Subway is great wherever you are...Then we ran to get snacks and go see the movie Love and Other Drugs. The movie was not my regular movie but was cute and had a lesson with it...

Thursday December 2
I paid for tuition today :( I am excited about seeing everyone but am not ready to go back to I will miss my friends I have made here....
Then I finished cleaning out all of the bad craft kits, put together an event box, sent off fifty hair straighteners  to a hospital, and sent surgi dolls off.

Later tonight we are supposed to go walk to Rockefeller and see the tree and to take fun pictures :)

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