Friday, December 24, 2010

tuesday december 14
I went to see Usher, Trey Songz, and special guests at Madison Square Garden. This was one of the last things I did with the group :( We had so much fun! I also went with Andreas family to tour Google with Dale. Google is an amazing food, exercise machines, scooters, and fun meeting  places.

Wednesday December 15
I had lunch with Brianna for the last time :(  we went and had sandwiches....she then gave me a frame from NYC with our group picture from Jason Castro. After that I went to  the girls apartment to hang out and get ready for the party :) Then I checked out of The New Yorker.....went to the party with the group.....where we ate food, watched movies, made a gingerbread house! Late that night it was time to say goodbye :( Me and Lisa cried and hugged a million times! It was SO sad and hard to walk out the door.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Internship done.....last minute fun....then home for more fun!

Friday December 10
Was my last day at Project Sunshine.  I helped send off hundreds of toys for the holidays. Then said my goodbyes and headed to the interns last hospital event at the  Hospital for Special Surgery. We made popcorn ball ornaments out of candy which was so much fun for the kids.

After the event I said bye to the other interns....I will miss them so much and will miss having a job to do everyday but will have one again soon enough. Later I went to my secret santa party where I was given a scarf and topogan from Jenna and I bought Lisa christmas items for her new apartment :) Then we all watched Elf and enjoyed being with each other for the last time.

Saturday December 11
Today was moving day for all of my NYC friends...I ate dinner with Brianna and watched Private Practice all day...Then went to Cold Stone with Brianna which was delicious and weird eating since it is so cold outside!

Sunday December 12
Went to church with Brianna at Cityvine. The sermon was great as usual. Then I had to say bye again :( I have just started to get to know and be comfortable at this church and now it is time to leave...saying good bye is not fun but I plan to come back and keep in touch with everyone :).  After church me and Brianna went to eat where I ate a delicious BBQ chicken pizza that was yummy! Then I stayed in my room the rest of the day since the weather is so gross...

Monday December 13
I have eaten lunch with Lisa, walked around fifth avenue, central park, and tried to find me a NYC mug at a souvenir shop unsuccessfully....Later I have Andrea's showcase with all my New Yorker friends :) then maybe Serendipity for dessert after :)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The end is near...bittersweet but still a little sad

Tuesday December 7
I sent teddy bears that were donated to us for different hospitals out. Then we started putting things together for our Naughty and Nice event. This entailed going to our storage facility and picking up a few boxes. The car service that was supposed to pick us up from there cancelled so it all became drama filled very quickly! But me, Heidi, and Stephen finally made it back to the office. Then I sent more teddy bears out.

After work I just chilled in my room after a long busy day. Then watched Gossip Girl with Lisa.

Wednesday December 8
The day started with me receiving around ten emails from Jing about sending bears too hospitals. I ended up sending three boxes each to about eleven hospitals....After that I took a break because I was running around with my head cut off almost and Jing said I needed a break lol...Then I helped pack up all of the raffle prizes for our event because the girl in charge of it all was a little stressed!

I could not get away from work fast enough! Everyone was going around crazy all day and the office was filled with boxes. So I left and went to Duane Reade for a snack and to buy some last minute items for my outfit I am wearing for the event. Then Kathleen and Brianna were waiting on me to eat but I had a left over burrito to eat from lunch. So they bought pizza and we just hung out for the rest of the night. Then I went back to my room and managed to lose my remote to the TV....still have no clue what I did with it :(

Thursday December 9
Today is almost my last day!!! I have sent off two boxes of teddy bears and helped Marisa with a few things and that is it! Tonight is the big Naughty and Nice event where I will be helping at the Registration table..I am told the event will be fun but we shall is a fundraiser for Project Sunshine where we invited Young Professionals..hope to see some celebs maybe :)

Tomorrow is my LAST day at Project Sunshine and event with them!!! It has been fun, stressful, frustrating, and just a experience I will never forget.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Start of the end of my journey...

Friday December 3
Well my day started with happy news from my sister :) so excited for her!!! Then I went to second to last Friday there :) Then after work I had to pay for school tuition :( which reminded my class days are soon to begin again....

After work I went and  helped my friends paint their new apartment! It is a two story apartment that is great! Who would have thought you could find an affordable place that was nice with a backyard in Manhattan! 

Late that night we went to Tick Tock to eat dinner because we were tired and starving. Then it was off to bed..I had a train to catch in the morning.

Saturday December 4
I headed to Long Island early on Saturday. Brianna picked me up at the station and we went and picked me up some Ugg cleaner at a place called Lowmans. Then we went to Main Street but it was way too cold to be outside so we went to her house and got warm while watching CSI Miami! Later Kathleen came and joined us then we went to go see The Next Three Days with Brianna's parents Dan and Rose...the movie was amazing! It definitely kept us guessing the whole time. Then we went back to their house and got pizza for dinner followed with more CSI Miami.

Sunday December 5
We went to Brianna's church which is Episcopal and so it was very different from what I am used to. But going meant alot to her and let me learn more about other religions and also about her families beliefs. Then we went to Smoky Al's a barbecue place that was very good. The cornbread was probably my favorite part because it was moist and yummy...reminded me of home!

Then me, Brianna, and Kathleen baked cookies all afternoon. I wondered why we were catching such a late train back to the city...come to find out Brianna had planned with her Nanny to make a goodbye meal for me...her whole family was there except for her sister and was so nice. We ate and talked and just enjoyed each others socializing...I was really tired but staying late was so worth it! I will miss all of them very much! They are a great family and are always entertaining :)

Sunday night I arrived back late to my room. So I talked to mom on the phone and then headed to bed. I missed graduations and showers but it was great to be doing my own thing and having my own plans for a change :) 

Monday December 6
At work we had a 5th year anniversary for Emily which was alot of fun. We ate Indian food and decorated the room with bills because Emily brings in the money to or organization :)

After work I went to Shake Shack with Brianna and Kathleen :) so yummy! Peanut Butter Shake...(The diet starts when I get back on Texas soil...maybe) Now I am waiting on Gossip Girl to start and hang out with Lisa! I am going to miss these girls

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holidays! Internship almost over....almost time to leave NYC :/

Sunday  November 28
I was lazy all day! Eventually I went and worked out but for the  most part I caught up on sleep.

Monday November 29
I worked on cleaning my back area at work all day because it is a mess. Then after work me Brianna and Kathleen went to Shake Shack. This place is a popular burger and shake joint but to me it was nothing special.

Tuesday November 30
We had mine and Stephen farewell lunch. They ordered sandwiches and we talked about each of our experiences....Then I had to go to the bank to pick up a wire transfer...get Beatrice to sign it...bring the paper back to the bank. Also picked up a coffee pot because someone left it on during the Thanksgiving break.....
Then I went to the Rockefeller Center tree lighting ;) I was across the street but got to see the tree light up and here some of the performances....just wish others from my group could have made it.

Wednesday December 1
I worked on last minute internship paper stuff....also had to un do a bunch of craft kits that were junkie and keep the salvageable items...Then I updated the fundraiser database that goes along with our Naughty and  Nice event next week.

After work I went to Subway because I had not eaten all day and was starving! Subway is great wherever you are...Then we ran to get snacks and go see the movie Love and Other Drugs. The movie was not my regular movie but was cute and had a lesson with it...

Thursday December 2
I paid for tuition today :( I am excited about seeing everyone but am not ready to go back to I will miss my friends I have made here....
Then I finished cleaning out all of the bad craft kits, put together an event box, sent off fifty hair straighteners  to a hospital, and sent surgi dolls off.

Later tonight we are supposed to go walk to Rockefeller and see the tree and to take fun pictures :)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday November 20 continued
to finish the long night we decided to eat at Tick Tock Diner.

Sunday November 21
Me and mom went to church at CityVine. When we went to get on the subway Brianna and her dad Dan were there. Come to find out they were also headed to church. We all went  and enjoyed church and then went our separate ways.

Me and mom were waiting for Jo to be done with her service so we went to DSW and Forever 21 in Union Square to buy boots and leggings. Then I was getting a huge headache and was hungry so we grabbed a snack at Crumbs and sat in the park.

Then Jo arrived and we ate at Patsys to get our pizza fix. After that we walked from Union Square  to The New Yorker....
On our walk back we saw the set of Mr Poppins Penguins with Jim Carrey and stopped at Starbucks because it was significantly cooler outside. Then we ended the day with seeing the Broadway show Chicago.

Monday November 22
The task of the day was to get my stuff packed to be shipped to Buna...Me and mom met Lisa at Hale and Hearty for lunch. We ate sandwiches in  Bryant Park and had a good time chatting until Lisa had to leave. Then we found boxes and headed back to my room.  On our way back we literally ran into the set of The Good Wife where the street had been turned into trailer lane and a building was turned into Peter Florricks campaign office!

After packing all of my things in boxes we headed to Macys to find a dress for upcoming events. I found a dress that was not necessarily my favorite but I am excited about how different it is and that I do not have to find anything when I arrive in Texas.

Tuesday November 23
Sierra was flying in! First me and mom did a bunch of walking! Mom wanted to go to Highline Park so we went there first. The weather was perfect for the day and we enjoyed taking pictures of the city. Then we headed to Soho and Greenwich Village area where we saw the Washington Square Arch and ate lunch.  By the time we walked back we were exhausted so we hung out until Sierra arrived!

We were so excited to have us all here :) But we had to hit the ground running....First we went to the Empire State Building in order for Sierra to see the whole city...Then we walked to Bryant Park but it was closed and so we just walked by Project Sunshine office building. After this we went to the tourist infested area of Times Square where we went to the Disney store and showed Sierra GMA and all the great things in Times Square.

Wednesday November 24
We went to the Statue of Liberty. People were everywhere but it was a beautiful day to be on the water. The wind was very chilly but we got Sierras pictures taken and headed to Wall Street. Sierra was not interested in taking pictures at every site but I did make her take a picture at the New York Stock Exchange. Then we walked 5th avenue and went into Tiffanys, saw The Plaza, and walked the outside of Central Park. Then we  ate dinner at Simply Pasta and went to see the show Jersey Boys which was fantastic!

Thursday November 25 Thanksgiving
We slept in a little bit. Then headed to the parade! We were a little late but were able to get on the subway and push through the crowd to see the parade :)

We went to Crumbs after the parade and got cupcakes to go. Then headed back to the hotel. Since we were really tired from the crowds and more sightseeing we took naps.
Then we decided to go eat at Heartland Brewery where they had a Thanksgiving meal but we opted for just a regular menu meal.

After our meal we went to show Sierra Rockefeller Center and the big christmas tree. Then we had the Christmas Spectacular. The Rockettes are phenomenal!

Friday November 26
Sierra left New York.. It was a short trip but she was able to see the city. Before she left we were able to get up early and try to be on GMA. But because the weather was gross and the holiday they decided to not film outside. So we went to Mc Donalds and had Stephens girls time which was much needed :) Then we went to Macys for Sierra to see the floors and decorations. After this it was time for her to go so we walked over to Penn Station and was able to get her on the NJ Transit headed for Newark Airport.

Now it was time to ship my boxes which was an ordeal because of the holiday but it was all taken care of. Then me and mom wanted to see West Side Story and so we went to the TKTS booth to buy tickets. For dinner we had one dollar pizza at two bros and headed to the show. The show was definitely as good as we thought it would be. A few of the actors were good but they just did not project their voices...After the show we stopped at Starbucks to grab hot chocolate and a snack for the night :)

Saturday November 27
Mom let me sleep in :) we had already done enough walking and touring the city to where we did not want to go anywhere. For lunch we went across the street to Lucys mexicanAguilera did an amazing job in this movie. As soon as the movie was over we had to head to our next show...Mary Poppins! I had already seen the show but mom had not. We loved every part of it :) disney was a great end to our visit together!

Mom left to head back to Texas at 1:30 this morning. In two weeks I will be doing the same.

Family Gone....back to the "real" world for all

Saturday November 20
I slept in because of mom and Jo flying in...Then I was bored from laying around so me and Lisa met to go work out. After an hour
of that we were tired again and hungry. Me, Lisa, and Erika headed to Kodam Sushi to eat. I am not a huge fan of sushi but since I have lived in New York I have learned to tolerate it. So we finished our food and since it was cooler outside decided to pick up   Starbucks on our way back....we also bought one for Andrea because they were having a deal. Then we went to Andreas room and hung out for a little while before going our seperate ways.

I had recieved a text by this point that mom and Jo had landed so it was now the waiting game...They were starving so we dropped of there bags and headed  to Times Square in order to just walk through and then went to Bryant Park to look at all of the holiday booths. On our way back towards the hotel we ran into Macys so they could see all the decorations and floors. MacysM