Monday, December 13, 2010

Internship done.....last minute fun....then home for more fun!

Friday December 10
Was my last day at Project Sunshine.  I helped send off hundreds of toys for the holidays. Then said my goodbyes and headed to the interns last hospital event at the  Hospital for Special Surgery. We made popcorn ball ornaments out of candy which was so much fun for the kids.

After the event I said bye to the other interns....I will miss them so much and will miss having a job to do everyday but will have one again soon enough. Later I went to my secret santa party where I was given a scarf and topogan from Jenna and I bought Lisa christmas items for her new apartment :) Then we all watched Elf and enjoyed being with each other for the last time.

Saturday December 11
Today was moving day for all of my NYC friends...I ate dinner with Brianna and watched Private Practice all day...Then went to Cold Stone with Brianna which was delicious and weird eating since it is so cold outside!

Sunday December 12
Went to church with Brianna at Cityvine. The sermon was great as usual. Then I had to say bye again :( I have just started to get to know and be comfortable at this church and now it is time to leave...saying good bye is not fun but I plan to come back and keep in touch with everyone :).  After church me and Brianna went to eat where I ate a delicious BBQ chicken pizza that was yummy! Then I stayed in my room the rest of the day since the weather is so gross...

Monday December 13
I have eaten lunch with Lisa, walked around fifth avenue, central park, and tried to find me a NYC mug at a souvenir shop unsuccessfully....Later I have Andrea's showcase with all my New Yorker friends :) then maybe Serendipity for dessert after :)

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