Sunday, November 28, 2010

Saturday November 20 continued
to finish the long night we decided to eat at Tick Tock Diner.

Sunday November 21
Me and mom went to church at CityVine. When we went to get on the subway Brianna and her dad Dan were there. Come to find out they were also headed to church. We all went  and enjoyed church and then went our separate ways.

Me and mom were waiting for Jo to be done with her service so we went to DSW and Forever 21 in Union Square to buy boots and leggings. Then I was getting a huge headache and was hungry so we grabbed a snack at Crumbs and sat in the park.

Then Jo arrived and we ate at Patsys to get our pizza fix. After that we walked from Union Square  to The New Yorker....
On our walk back we saw the set of Mr Poppins Penguins with Jim Carrey and stopped at Starbucks because it was significantly cooler outside. Then we ended the day with seeing the Broadway show Chicago.

Monday November 22
The task of the day was to get my stuff packed to be shipped to Buna...Me and mom met Lisa at Hale and Hearty for lunch. We ate sandwiches in  Bryant Park and had a good time chatting until Lisa had to leave. Then we found boxes and headed back to my room.  On our way back we literally ran into the set of The Good Wife where the street had been turned into trailer lane and a building was turned into Peter Florricks campaign office!

After packing all of my things in boxes we headed to Macys to find a dress for upcoming events. I found a dress that was not necessarily my favorite but I am excited about how different it is and that I do not have to find anything when I arrive in Texas.

Tuesday November 23
Sierra was flying in! First me and mom did a bunch of walking! Mom wanted to go to Highline Park so we went there first. The weather was perfect for the day and we enjoyed taking pictures of the city. Then we headed to Soho and Greenwich Village area where we saw the Washington Square Arch and ate lunch.  By the time we walked back we were exhausted so we hung out until Sierra arrived!

We were so excited to have us all here :) But we had to hit the ground running....First we went to the Empire State Building in order for Sierra to see the whole city...Then we walked to Bryant Park but it was closed and so we just walked by Project Sunshine office building. After this we went to the tourist infested area of Times Square where we went to the Disney store and showed Sierra GMA and all the great things in Times Square.

Wednesday November 24
We went to the Statue of Liberty. People were everywhere but it was a beautiful day to be on the water. The wind was very chilly but we got Sierras pictures taken and headed to Wall Street. Sierra was not interested in taking pictures at every site but I did make her take a picture at the New York Stock Exchange. Then we walked 5th avenue and went into Tiffanys, saw The Plaza, and walked the outside of Central Park. Then we  ate dinner at Simply Pasta and went to see the show Jersey Boys which was fantastic!

Thursday November 25 Thanksgiving
We slept in a little bit. Then headed to the parade! We were a little late but were able to get on the subway and push through the crowd to see the parade :)

We went to Crumbs after the parade and got cupcakes to go. Then headed back to the hotel. Since we were really tired from the crowds and more sightseeing we took naps.
Then we decided to go eat at Heartland Brewery where they had a Thanksgiving meal but we opted for just a regular menu meal.

After our meal we went to show Sierra Rockefeller Center and the big christmas tree. Then we had the Christmas Spectacular. The Rockettes are phenomenal!

Friday November 26
Sierra left New York.. It was a short trip but she was able to see the city. Before she left we were able to get up early and try to be on GMA. But because the weather was gross and the holiday they decided to not film outside. So we went to Mc Donalds and had Stephens girls time which was much needed :) Then we went to Macys for Sierra to see the floors and decorations. After this it was time for her to go so we walked over to Penn Station and was able to get her on the NJ Transit headed for Newark Airport.

Now it was time to ship my boxes which was an ordeal because of the holiday but it was all taken care of. Then me and mom wanted to see West Side Story and so we went to the TKTS booth to buy tickets. For dinner we had one dollar pizza at two bros and headed to the show. The show was definitely as good as we thought it would be. A few of the actors were good but they just did not project their voices...After the show we stopped at Starbucks to grab hot chocolate and a snack for the night :)

Saturday November 27
Mom let me sleep in :) we had already done enough walking and touring the city to where we did not want to go anywhere. For lunch we went across the street to Lucys mexicanAguilera did an amazing job in this movie. As soon as the movie was over we had to head to our next show...Mary Poppins! I had already seen the show but mom had not. We loved every part of it :) disney was a great end to our visit together!

Mom left to head back to Texas at 1:30 this morning. In two weeks I will be doing the same.

Family Gone....back to the "real" world for all

Saturday November 20
I slept in because of mom and Jo flying in...Then I was bored from laying around so me and Lisa met to go work out. After an hour
of that we were tired again and hungry. Me, Lisa, and Erika headed to Kodam Sushi to eat. I am not a huge fan of sushi but since I have lived in New York I have learned to tolerate it. So we finished our food and since it was cooler outside decided to pick up   Starbucks on our way back....we also bought one for Andrea because they were having a deal. Then we went to Andreas room and hung out for a little while before going our seperate ways.

I had recieved a text by this point that mom and Jo had landed so it was now the waiting game...They were starving so we dropped of there bags and headed  to Times Square in order to just walk through and then went to Bryant Park to look at all of the holiday booths. On our way back towards the hotel we ran into Macys so they could see all the decorations and floors. MacysM

Friday, November 19, 2010

Slow week but the fam and friends are coming!

Tuesday November 16
Sent craft kits and  sunny grams to a hospitals play room that is in need of activities.Then I uploaded the Canada Gala pictures to the share drive for Jenny. After that I submitted a college chapters applications to the database. To end the day I walked to Josephs office to get papers signed and still did not meet him.

After work I went to Crumbs to get a cupcake because I had not been there in a while. Cupcakes have become a weakness here and now m&ms because I have a friend who buys them all the time. Then I went to workout with Lisa to make me feel better about my cupcake :)
Lisa has family in this week so we all went out to eat at a steakhouse called Kleins. The food was so great and her family was so kind. Fun night all together!

Wednesday November 17
Work consisted of Lisa having me do her Credit Card forms for most of the day. Organizing and finding all of the receipts for a statement takes forever when they are thrown in random spots. Then I worked on more of Jenny's college chapter applications to be put in the database. The office was having a board meeting so I also went and bought food for the board members. Since Joseph came to the meeting I also met him finally. He is not what a person would expect in a organization founder because he is so young and just does not have the professional look but he is very successful in all he has done.

After work I went and ate at Tic Toc with Lisa and Andrea. Then I tried to go to bed early...was not successful!

Thursday November 18
No one was in the office today so we did nothing! All I did was send one package to Miami that had a sign in sheet, brochures, pins, and press kits in it. Then I was asked to run a gift to a hospital for a patient. I arrive at the hospital to find out the patient has been brought home. My office is on 39th and 6th avenue and this hospital was on 39th and 1st avenue...To say the least I was tired and frustrated when I got back to Project Sunshine....

But after work it was Harry Potter time!!! We went to the theater at 9:30 and was let in at 10:00ish. Then we sat and watched extreme fans fight with their wands around the theater and quiz people in the audience on their Harry Potter knowledge. The movie started at 12:30 and ended at 4:00! I was so tired but it was fun and so worth it!

Friday November 19
Woke up exhausted!!! Luckily at work was boring today....but then again their is only so many times you can get on facebook a day before it gets ridiculously boring! At lunch I met Lisa at the set of Jennifer Aniston new movie! We totally saw her and were yelled at by the crew :) A women yelled at me and told me I was going to get ran over by a car lol but it was exciting! Then I went back to work :( for the next four hours I did NOTHING! I tried to leave early but they thought I might need to personally deliver some five o clock I was finally told they did not need me and I could leave....what a wasted day!!!

After work I went to the Armani sample sale with Erika and Lisa. They bought a few items but even though everything was dramatically on sale I just could not get myself to pay that kind of money for a purse....So we headed back to our place and me and Erika made pasta for dinner. Now I am chilling and resting up for when mom and Jo get here tomorrow!!! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter Marathon Weekend! :)

Sunday November 14
So I can not wait for Harry Potter Thursday night at 12! I watched the other movies all day! First I went to church at Cityvine with Brianna though. It was so great to see everyone again and they were so friendly of course! We caught up and it sort of made me sad I will be leaving soon. Pastor Dave talked about Obedience and how what other people does around us shapes the way we are because of their influence. Also how we are always asked "Who has influenced you in your life?" Then the first answer is some celebrity or important reality the main people who influence you are your immediate family! I totally agreed with this because my first though was my mom :) With out her I do not know what I would do because with everything I ask her opinion and then after that my twin sis Sierra! :)

After introducing Brianna to my other friends we headed back to our area from Union Square on the N! Yes I am starting to totally get the Subway which is a miracle in! Then we ate at Taco Bell which I am not a fan of here in New York but it sounded good....

My afternoon consisted of watching Harry Potter on ABC Family! But this weekend was Open House for EHS so their were a million tours and I could not stand it. So I headed to the gym for an hour :)

Then the gang me up and we watched Harry Potter 6 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in order to get ready for Thursday!!! Lisa brought her amazing Austrian chocolate and of course I ate way too much! So today the workout is going to have to be intense :)

Monday November 15
Today at work I did a little shopping....Then Lisa and Emily both needed there Credit Card Forms done for like three months. So I found all of their receipts and matched them up to the correct statement. Then created the form for each. Today was slow but productive for the most part.

After work I went shopping! I went to Macy's and Kara to see what they had. Kara was having a huge sale so they were very picked over and did not have much. I am sure they are receiving a shipment soon. Since that store was a dud I ran to Macy's. Macy's had some very cute dresses! I liked what I tried on but not loving any of them enough to wear to my upcoming events so I have not made any purchases yet.

Tonight I am going to work out with Lisa while watching our shows!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday November 12
At work I turned into a boring intern again...I would rather sit in the conference room and hang out with the other intens while doing tasks..

First we brought all of the mailing to the post office and was able to get that completed. Then I caught up on sending off craft kits to five hospitals that had backed up while we were working on the appeal. After that I was asked by Emily to prepare her Credit Card Report Forms. She has not done this for about five months so I first had to find all of the receipts that matched with each statement. While I was in the middle of this the staff told Stephen and me that we were getting lunch on them so we went to Guy and Gallard to get lunch. I had a turkey sandwich that was actually very good!

When we arrived back at the office we were told that Monday they were going to order food for the office to really thank everyone for helping with mailing. We were starting to feel a little percentage of appreciation by this point. Then I went back to my Credit Card form task....After working on this for a little while I was asked to go to Joseph's office to get a few documents signed. His office is not far so I walked but once again I did not meet him. That is the fourth time I have been there and have not even seen him..he is now the "invisible man" to me.

At around 4:55 Caitlin told us we could go home "early" and Stephen literally dropped everything we were doing and walked out. She really knows how to reward someone.

Friday night I ran errands with Brianna. Then we ate at Applebees where she ate a burger and I opted for dessert :) which was a Maple Blondie Brownie! Yummy
Then we went and had a Private Practice marathon back at the dorm :) It was a much needed hang out time with my friend Brianna! I am going to miss it.

Saturday November 13
Today the EHS facility is having there Open House. So our room is one of the rooms that gets toured because we have the smallest double room. This means people would be in and out of my room all day and all I wanted to do was sleep all day! So when I woke up at 10:30 I was very surprised that there had not been any tours that had come through all day. Then Andrea invited me to breakfast where we went to Tic Tock and I had a Belgian Waffle! We had a fun time catching up and just talking about our week :) She is a great listener and someone that I enjoy doing things with.
Then I went back to my room where only one tour had come through all day and my roommate with her friend from California was still asleep. So I started watching the movie "Red" on the Internet. The movie is a really good movie with alot of great actors...I would suggest it to anyone.

After that my roommate woke up and so I decided to get out of my room and head to Times Square. They were having a Holiday Fair on 47th where they had food and shopping! I bought four necklaces, a chicken kabob, and a brownie :) Had a great time by myself!
As soon as I arrived at Times Square the Naked Cowboy was out so people were everywhere taking pictures of him and of course I became a tourist again and also grabbed a photo lol!

Now I am finishing watching Red! Listening to Christmas music and eating my brownie :)
Tonight we are watching Harry Potter! Cant wait until Thursday Night!

Oh the family is starting to come next Saturday :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I will never write, label, or glue closed another envelope again!

Sunday November 7
I woke up early to start my Internship paper so that I did not run out of time before the due date which I finished! Go me :) Then I needed a break so I worked out with Lisa. After my good hour work out I watched my shows. Brothers and Sisters and Desperate Housewives was very interesting this week.

In the middle of my shows Alexis showed up with Eddie and were so very awkward. She is a great roommate but does not know how to respect a roommate when it comes to eleven o clock at night and bringing your guy friend home.

Work was consumed by MAILING! But the annual appeal mailing will be all mailed off by tomorrow at lunch!!!!

Monday November 8
After work me and Lisa were really bored so we hung out in her room watching television and eating her awesome Austrian chocolate! She swears that there chocolate is way better than is definitely good but I don't know if way better is right...

Then we met with Andrea and went to Forever 21. Andrea had a hip hop 80s audition she had this week and so we were shopping for that.  Once we were back we decided to watch the first Harry Potter in order to prepare for next weeks premier!

Tuesday November 9
I went to the Jason Castro (American Idol) concert at BB King Club with Lisa, Brianna, and Kathleen. He does a very good concert. The girl who opened for him Toby Lightman was also a great singer and has some songs that were used on TV shows and movies. The venue was a different atmosphere than I was used to though and we all had a long day so we were all very tired. We had to order at least one thing at the club and since we had pizza for dinner we all got dessert at the club. My cheesecake was very good and surprisingly my first piece since I have been here.

Wednesday November 10
Last night I went to a place called Joe's Pub with Erika, Lisa, and Andrea. It was located on the West Village so to keep away from getting lost in the crazy streets of the village we took a cab. Then the doors were not open yet so we stood outside in the cold for about ten minutes complaining about how cold we were and that we had a reservation...none of it mattered! Once we were let in we ordered dessert again because the food was expensive but we had to buy something so I had cookies and brownie :) This place was much more fancy then BB King Club but was smaller and quaint!

We were seeing Louis Hobson from Spring Awakening. Erika loves this show and is obsessed with everyone in it and so that is why we were there. He was a very good singer and even brought in other Broadway cast members he has worked with over time. The night was alot of fun and nice to have a night out but still low key with the girls :)

Thursday November 11
Today at work we of course did mailing!!! But we finished all of it finally :) The fun part of it was that me, Steve, and Marisa were in the conference room all day working on them together...we had alot of fun just listening to music and telling stories.The whole day we were either delirious, hungry, or just plain tired of doing the same thing over and over for the last week. It was so much fun to just let loose and talk freely with the rest of the interns in the conference room. Me, Steve, and Marisa now have a band called the Paper Cuts....yes we were that delirious and tired of gluing envelopes!

Every time someone came in to check on us we literally almost bit their heads off. The only person we respected in the office after today was Heidi who is in charge of all this mailing and could be annoying when checking on our progress but we were okay with her :)

So glad the mailing is DONE!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wednesday November 3
At work I worked on our annual appeal! We are sending out thousands of letters to people for donations that help our organization run.So the interns get to label all of the envelopes with addresses which has been scheduled for a three week block of time. Then I took a break from that and put together a bag for a little girl who is having surgery soon and has to be in the hospital for four days after. So we put together a package for her and she becomes a star for a day which is alot of fun. We put in the bag a crown to decorate, megaphone craft, high school musical t shirt and some other fun items.

To me this program is really fun but when I think about my hospital stays and how much I wanted out of their it just makes me think that I would never want this junk. All I wanted to do when I was in the hospital was sleep and get out as soon as possible! So having a million crafts shoved at me would  have not worked but would just stay in the bag until I arrived back home.

Then to finish the day we went through more of the 3000 sunny grams and went to work on some more envelopes.

Before work I had tried to get tickets to Promises Promises but Kristin Chenoweth was not going to be performing until Friday so we decided not to go. Then we went to Fela and tried to get tickets but they were not selling Student Rush until 6:00. After work we  went to the theater for Fela and got our tickets.

Andrea was performing in Time Square for a new video game promotion so we went to watch her do that which was really fun to see her perform! Then me, Erika, and Lisa went to Juniors to get cheesecake and chicken strips for dinner. At 8:00 we went to see Fela which was probably one of the worst shows I have seen since I have been here because we could not relate to the show or understand through their African accents. The dancing and singing was really good but was just hard to relate and our seats were awful because they do not have good Student Rush seating.

Thursday November 4
We worked on envelopes all day and were supposed to start printing the letters but our printer was broken! I also helped Naomi find recipes and decided that we love the website FamilyFun for recipes. For lunch we all decided to order pizza which was really good and we also had a good time sitting and talking. We learned alot about each other and they figured out I have a twin...Sierra they know about you now! lol ...They knew my mom and sister were coming for Thanksgiving but I guess I never told them the sister was my twin. lol... They were freaking out and could not believe I did not tell them but I do not share alot I guess and takes a while for me to say anything, Then we went back to work on envelopes until there were no labels to stick!

After work I was not feeling well. I was supposed to meet some girls from church for dinner but that did not work out. So I decided to veg and just have the evening for myself with some snacks of course! Then I went to Lisa's to watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice which were both very intense great shows tonight! Private Practice was sad but for me interesting because it was all about rape and I just took a class on Family Violence.

Friday November 5
We had to organize the office because there were boxes everywhere! Everyone in  the office does not like clutter and so we had to do something about our mess in the back of the office. I literally have a cave where my desk is to sit and work and then behind me I have piles of surgi dolls that need to be fixed! Then the printer was finally fixed and letters were printed. We had to cross our the friend part of "dear friend" in the letter and put the persons name it was being sent to and then at the bottom of the letter I had to write "We would be grateful for your continued support. It makes our work possible." They preferred for this to be written in cursive but my generation does not write in cursive and so you can not read my writing if I write that way....So they decided to let me write regularly. Which I understood why they wanted me to write that way because of our directors signature at the bottom but its a one prints there signature they sign it in cursive so then it did not make since to me....either way the letters are going to look kind of tacky!

Another frustrating part of the day was that none of the WoldShip software was working on the computers. So I could not send off any of our clutter!

After work me and Lisa went to Macy's Bar and Grill where we had fries, salad, and a huge ice cream sundae with brownie which we split all of it. The meal was very good but it was very awkward to have shoppers looking at us eat this huge sundae! lol ... the waiter was like I did not think you two would finish this and we just stared at her like of course we did lol...

Then Dale, Jose, Patrick, and Andrea were going to eat Thai food so we me up with them and hung out. We had a really great time talking and just catching up from the week. Then a few of us went to go see Due Date which was better than I thought it would be but still really dumb.I just do not have that kind of humor and really wanted to see the movie Red instead but we had already missed a few minutes of it.

Saturday November 6
Me, Dale, Lisa, and Erika left at 10 to go get tickets for Promises Promises! Which we finally were able to get our hands on some and hopefully the seats are not terrible...Then we went to eat at Tic Tock Diner where I had chocolate chip pancakes that are amazing but I am getting tired of that diner...

This afternoon I am just catching up on neglected things and probably will go workout with Lisa before the show.
Tonight is the show! Kristen Chenoweth and Sean Hayes are in it and I think it will be a great show :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun and then back to the internship...

Saturday October 30

I got up early to go apartment shopping with the girls! No, not for my apartment so Becca do not worry I am coming back :)... Erika, Lisa, and Andrea have finally found a great apartment in the Upper East Side. So we went out to find them some possible furniture and decorations. First we needed food to wake us up so we sent to a little cafe in Union Square where I ate a bagel which I have been  craving forever! The bagel was not great so that was disappointing! Then we went to a fun antique store first which reminded me of home. They found some decorations that could make their walls beautiful but they are waiting on the keys first before they buy anything. Then we headed to Anthropologie because they have wonderful decorations but also clothes we all love! Of course we could not afford hardly any of it so we just looked mostly and wished we could buy half of the store.

After shopping they were all going to try out a gym membership that is near their new apartment. I went back to are place now and took a nap! I was so tired but of course two tours had to come in while I was trying to sleep which was annoying!

For dinner I ran to Auntie Anne's because Lisa and Andrea had already had dinner but wanted dessert so we just got pretzels which I was okay with :)

Then me, Lisa, and Erika had tickets to see Rocky Horror picture show while a cast acted the movie out! This was alot of fun to learn all of the quotes you scream out during the show and the props you use to make the show alot more interesting. I did not think this was possible but quickly learned this is possible!

Sunday October 31
HALLOWEEN!!! Me, Lisa, and Erika met in the lounge at 11. Our plan was to finish up our costumes for the Halloween parade. I decided to be Little Red Riding hood because the weather was supposed to be freezing and my coat is red :) perfect! But I tried to find a basket at Kmart and had no such luck! Lisa found a witches hat though so she now had a easy costume she could wear warm clothes with! We also bought candy for when our group met in the lounge before the parade. We decided that since we cant trick or treat we were going to still have candy with each other :)

At 4:30 we all met in the lounge all in our costumes. We dumped all of our candy on a table and dug in! Also we all took pictures together and just had a fun time before heading out! We had m&m's, Jack Sparrow, Ferbie, Goth Guy, Grifendor student, and a wise man.

After filling up on candy we went to the parade. The parade had every costume imaginable in it and some fun performing bands and dance schools but it was really cold! We stayed for pretty much the whole thing but then we were getting to cold and hungry. So we headed to Tic Tock for some chicken strips and waffle fries! yummy! Then to end the night me, Andrea, Lisa, Erika, and Dale watched Beauty and the Beast :)!

Monday November 1
At work I worked on doing inventory of t shirts. We received a shipment of t shirts in and I was to count the number we had and then count the number we had received in the shipment. This took me the morning to get all straightened out. Then we started our annual donation writing and so the interns get to write our directors name on the millions of envelopes. For the next three weeks we have a schedule for which intern works on mailing and at what time. My hand is about to fall off from all the writing but I guess we will get lots of donations from it so maybe that is worth it.

After work I met up with Lisa and we went to Chipoltle to eat burritos! Which were very good and gave me lunch for the next day because the burritos there are so huge. Later we went to the gym to workout during Gossip Girl and get my mind off of the fact that I am working out lol. Otherwise I would never get through an hour of workout.

TuesdayNovember 2
I was on the schedule to work on mailing for the morning shift. I was able to get a whole box of envelopes finished. Then we received 3000 sunny grams to go through so all of us interns worked on that throughout the day. We hate when their is the cutest sunny gram and then open it and it says God bless or Get Well Soon..that is not appropriate lines to write on cards of this nature.

Later in the day I took a break and ran an errand for Heidi to pick up a DVD which was on East 21st Street which is about 20 blocks from our office. I had the dumb idea to walk there and so this took a while and made me extremely exhausted and sore feet by the time I got back. Then I put together a few training packets for Naomi who has a training tomorrow.

To end the day I started opening more boxes thinking there were more sunny grams when come to find out Americhoice sent us a bunch of junk! We had snoopy dog bowls, storage bins, and brochures from there business. So we had to figure out if they sent us all of this on purpose or if this was a huge mistake which we sort of hoped was the case. There was no way we could send all of that to hospitals because they would not want any of it just like we do not want any of it.

Tonight I have worked out and now I am watching Glee. I am hoping my roommate does not come back for a while because I am enjoying my room to myself without her and her boyfriend but that wish will probably not last for long...We shall see!