Monday, December 6, 2010

Start of the end of my journey...

Friday December 3
Well my day started with happy news from my sister :) so excited for her!!! Then I went to second to last Friday there :) Then after work I had to pay for school tuition :( which reminded my class days are soon to begin again....

After work I went and  helped my friends paint their new apartment! It is a two story apartment that is great! Who would have thought you could find an affordable place that was nice with a backyard in Manhattan! 

Late that night we went to Tick Tock to eat dinner because we were tired and starving. Then it was off to bed..I had a train to catch in the morning.

Saturday December 4
I headed to Long Island early on Saturday. Brianna picked me up at the station and we went and picked me up some Ugg cleaner at a place called Lowmans. Then we went to Main Street but it was way too cold to be outside so we went to her house and got warm while watching CSI Miami! Later Kathleen came and joined us then we went to go see The Next Three Days with Brianna's parents Dan and Rose...the movie was amazing! It definitely kept us guessing the whole time. Then we went back to their house and got pizza for dinner followed with more CSI Miami.

Sunday December 5
We went to Brianna's church which is Episcopal and so it was very different from what I am used to. But going meant alot to her and let me learn more about other religions and also about her families beliefs. Then we went to Smoky Al's a barbecue place that was very good. The cornbread was probably my favorite part because it was moist and yummy...reminded me of home!

Then me, Brianna, and Kathleen baked cookies all afternoon. I wondered why we were catching such a late train back to the city...come to find out Brianna had planned with her Nanny to make a goodbye meal for me...her whole family was there except for her sister and was so nice. We ate and talked and just enjoyed each others socializing...I was really tired but staying late was so worth it! I will miss all of them very much! They are a great family and are always entertaining :)

Sunday night I arrived back late to my room. So I talked to mom on the phone and then headed to bed. I missed graduations and showers but it was great to be doing my own thing and having my own plans for a change :) 

Monday December 6
At work we had a 5th year anniversary for Emily which was alot of fun. We ate Indian food and decorated the room with bills because Emily brings in the money to or organization :)

After work I went to Shake Shack with Brianna and Kathleen :) so yummy! Peanut Butter Shake...(The diet starts when I get back on Texas soil...maybe) Now I am waiting on Gossip Girl to start and hang out with Lisa! I am going to miss these girls

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