Sunday, November 28, 2010

Family Gone....back to the "real" world for all

Saturday November 20
I slept in because of mom and Jo flying in...Then I was bored from laying around so me and Lisa met to go work out. After an hour
of that we were tired again and hungry. Me, Lisa, and Erika headed to Kodam Sushi to eat. I am not a huge fan of sushi but since I have lived in New York I have learned to tolerate it. So we finished our food and since it was cooler outside decided to pick up   Starbucks on our way back....we also bought one for Andrea because they were having a deal. Then we went to Andreas room and hung out for a little while before going our seperate ways.

I had recieved a text by this point that mom and Jo had landed so it was now the waiting game...They were starving so we dropped of there bags and headed  to Times Square in order to just walk through and then went to Bryant Park to look at all of the holiday booths. On our way back towards the hotel we ran into Macys so they could see all the decorations and floors. MacysM

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