Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Call Me The Messenger

Today started out slow....then I walked into the Project Sunshine office where it was busy non stop today. First I kept on working the baseball craft kits I started yesterday. Then Heidi, the administrative manager asked me to bring envelopes to the founder of project sunshine today. His office is a few blocks away and so I was told it was a ten minute walk. Well with my sense of direction it took a little lolnger. But I made it and unfortunately he was not in his office so I gave them to the secretary. Maybe next time I go he will be there for me to meet him. Once I was back at the office two huge packages were waiting for me to send off and then it was lunch time. Caitlin asked me if I wanted to eat in the conference room with everyone else and so of course I did. There was alot of girl talk and trying different foods and just a good break. Then Heidi had another delivery for me to make that was in the opposite direction I had to go before but it did let me see an area I had not been too before so that sort of helped. At this point it was around 3:30 just enough time to finish the craft kits I was working and be out of the office at 5.

This evening I read some of my book "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" which has finally become interesting. Then there was an ice cream social on the 9th floor which was very good. The socializing was disappointing because it was so loud that my normal crowd left to go somewhere else and I did not realize they had gone. So my evening started to get a little down in the dumps. But later I decided to go eat some real food instead of just junk and in that lounge I found people to hang out with and brought my spirits up a little. We watched footage on the news about Fashion's Night Out and we looked to see if they showed us at any point. I think I was in one of the segments but it went by so fast that I could not tell. But it was very interesting to learn more about the fashion industry.

Today was not on  the top of my list of days here in New York but I guess not every day can be great. Now it is time for bed because it is way past my bedtime. Can not wait to see what tomorrow brings!

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