Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rough Couple of Days

So I will never again we will see what the day brings again! The past two days have been absolutely horrible but has had some fun moments too....

Wednesday I worked from 10-5. This day actually went by really fast. As soon as I got to the office I was bombarded by at least three different people about a surprise party we were throwing for a co worker Caitlin. Wednesday was her 5th year anniversary at Project Sunshine. I made nice little napkin holders and place settings for everyone and we printed out pictures of her everywhere in the conference room. We ate sushi and cupcake together for lunch and then all chatted for about an hour or more. This was really fun because I had not gotten to see everyone together and their personalities come out since I started working there. Then it was back to work where I printed out Sunny Gram cards, went to Staples because it would not be a day at work without one stop to that office place, and then I was asked to go deliver a invitation to a realty company  and then to another place. To end my day I went out to eat with Brianna and her friend from home Katharine. This was an adventure because apparently on week nights you are not allowed into certain restaurants unless you are 21 and older. We finally were able to get into Dave and Busters because I guess I looked 21 and so the receptionist figured he would not get into trouble. He told us this would be a one time deal. I ate chips and dip which was very good and gave me a second meal that I ate tonight for dinner.

Thursday started out really easy going. I walked in to find that me and Caitlin had on almost the exact same outfit on. Now this kind of scared me a little because I do not usually like the style of clothing worn here in New York. But my outfit of leggings a long shirt and flats was really comfortable and that is what I was going for, comfort. Then I started printing Sunny Grams immediately! Yesterday I printed out exactly 800 of them and was told today that Caitlin needed about 500 more. So I knew that I had to get some done today. This did not happen unfortunately I only was able to print 100. Jing, the person in charge of sending items to hospitals that are donated to us asked me to send some blankets that had been sent in. The goal is to get rid of everything we recieve as soon as it comes in as long as we have the boxes to do so. I ended up sending off ten blankets today for her. We have quite a few more left and when they get more boxes I will be glad to send them off to a hospital in need. Later this morning Caitlin approached me and said that a hospital in Arkansas was interested in recieving some of our craft kits but wanted to see samples of each one that we give out. So my job today was to put together a journal, puppet, and baseball craft kit. Unnfortunately I did not understand her right and made a craft for each one. She meant for me just to make a kit so I had to start over. Once I really thought about it I should have known to just make the kits but my brain was just not functioning completely today. Something fun that happened today was that the Miss Teen USA 2010 came into the office today. Both her and Miss USA do work with Project Sunshine. Kamie came in today to volunteer some time with us doing whatever Caitlin needed. She ended up making a few Sunny Grams that were the cutest things ever! I loved looking at them once she left. They were all decorated very creatively and I was very impressed. What was weird was I wanted to like meet her and talk to her but everyone was so calm and it was just like a normal day in the office. So needless to say I talked to her when she came in and then did not see her again. I was sent on another errand! This time was to go back to the founders office. This time it was for Beatrice our office manager. I still have not figured out why they do not use a messanger but Iguess they like to use my free services...This is a big part of my rough days! Then to make matters worse at 5 PM when I was on my way out the door I was asked to take a invitation to Rockefeller Center which is no where near my location. I was told to take a company credit card and buy a metro card. The only problem was that I have only used the subway once or twice and I have always been with people. Needless to say I got off too early and ended up in Chinatown. I was so freaked out! Did not think I will ever get there but after some freaking out to mom and asking around the subway I finally made it. Now too the very frustrating part...I get to the right building the Rockefeller Plaza and the security asked me who I needed to see and I told them. Then he motions me to follow then sees to men walk in the door grabs the invitation from me hand it to a man and says "That was him"....I was so angry! I mean I went through all that for me not even to hand the invite over myself and now I had to walk back to my place in the rain! It was the most miserable afternoon ever....So I decided that I deserved a cupcake. Crumbs cupcakes has the best cupcakes! Tonight I ate a Reese's one and it was amazing! I was immediately in a better mood after eating it :) Then I hung out with a group at Tick Tock Diner downstairs in my place for a while and became really sleepy! So now I am updating this blog because I have been so bad  about its sleep time!

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