Monday, September 13, 2010

Tiring Day!!!

I woke up this morning exhausted! This could have been because I stayed up until 1 AM... I arrived at work to about three tasks alreaady on my desk waiting on me. I sent three or for packages with craft kits for hospitals and surgi dolls. Then I was asked to go to Staples and buy report folders but they were very specific on what they wanted. Well when I got there of course they did not have what I needed. I was then sent to Office Depot where I found the right items. I was later sent again for more. By that point I was starving and was feeling like having some Mc Donalds because I have not had it since I arrived. I have to get those french fries and amazing diet coke in every once in a while. For some reason I love the taste of Mc Donalds drinks. When I went back to work I was met with another package to send off and the task of making 40 craft kits. This task was not finished today but will be very soon I hope.

Now after work I picked up my mail which had my new glasses in it! I am really going to have to get used to wearing them. Tonight I am waiting on a Movie Night to start here at the hotel on one of the floors taken over by EHS, the organization that I have housing through. I hope it is something engaging because I am pretty sleepy!

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