Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just Call Me Emily or the intern...

Hey everyone! It has been a while but let me fill you in on the end of my week...

Thursday September 23
I arrived at work at ten. The first thing waiting for me on my desk was applications to file away. Then we had some items left from our event on Monday that needed to be put away so I took care of that. Then for the hard/frustrating part. Caitlin, my mentor has a event coming up this next week for a big company and it is carnival themed. So she asked me to go to Duane Reade (the pharmacy), a 99 cent store, and a place called Jack's World that has a bunch of everything to find bowls, containers, baby wipes, q tips, and hand sanitizer. Also we are tax exempt because we are non profit so I learned alot about how that works on my adventure. So I started my journey at the closest and cheapest place but they did not have anything I needed. So I headed to Jack's World where I found the exact containers Caitlin was looking for. Then I went to Duane Reade where things like q tips and hand sanitizer was really expensive so all I bought there was baby wipes and kleenex. I already had my hands full with bags so this was a challenge. Then I headed back to the 99 cent store which had q tips and sanitizer for a dollar. My arms were packed with bags! I felt like the girl off of Devil Wears Prada, "emily". But as I was walking in the office building door Beatrice a women who I work with was walking in and so we were able to chat in the elevator. She is from New York and finds it amazing when people move here and find their way around because she still gets lost. I really enjoyed our conversation. Then I just finished the day with printing sunny grams and sending some boxes off.

Of course Grey's Anatomy premiered on Thursday so I watched that with a group and then watched Private Practice in my room before group watched Jersey Shore which I said peace out too because it is not my kind of show...

Friday September 24

Work was super slow! Only a total of three people were probably in the office at anytime all day...I even was able to take an hour lunch break for myself! I shipped some items for Jenny. Then Heidi had her last pile of applications that I put in alphabetical order and then filed. Jing has a Sunshine Chef event on Wednesday so she had me work on some things for that since I am volunteering at that event. The main thing I worked on was of course with fabric making bandannas. All the bandannas I made look awful but she said it does not matter (probably to make me feel better) because it is for kids. Then a huge shipment for Caitlin came in and so she had me organize all of it and then find places in storage for it all to go. This took up the rest of my day because I had to organize the storage room first then put everything away.

Friday night I went  to see Easy A which was a pretty bad movie but the group I went with has the kind of humor. So it was fun to just hang out with them. Then we went and ate chinese food after.

Saturday September 25
Was a really long day! The day started at 10 AM for me. Me, Lisa, and Erika went on a Broadway Scavenger Hunt. Everything was alot of fun but frustrating because we were all over the theater district and went to the same places a ton of times...better planning will be needed for next time!

Saturday night we went to see La Cage with Kelsey Grammar which was really good! It is based on the Birdcage. I love that movie so the music and story was so much fun extra plus was that one of the drag guys was from Beaumont,TX! I got a picture with him afterwards! All of the guys in that show have some amazing legs! lol

Sunday September 26
I went to church with Andrea and it was so amazing! All of the people were so inviting...we will definitely be going back! The preacher talked about the shepherd and his sheep! We were invited to a apple orchard picking event and I think we are going to go to which will be really fun!

Going to see Chicago tonight! More to come...

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