Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend full of eating!

Friday I spent my day at work rolling up t shirts nicely for a event we have Monday. This took forever because rolling shirts then tying string around them like a gift is not my forte...Then I delivered a package to 57th street. This meant I had to use the subway again but this time I was very successful. Thanks to Emily, a coworkers direction I made it there with no problems. Then I went back to my place and made pasta because I was starving! Skipping lunch at work is never a good idea but I did for some reason...Then I decided that reading my book "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" sounded like a good relaxing activity to start my weekend. After reading for a few hours I received a text about going to a bakery with a couple of girls. We were all craving a sweat treat so we found a 24 hour bakery that could satisfy all of our wants...We were very excited to find out the fact that it was 24 hours but decided they really should not have told us that! I bought a chocolate cigar which is a pastry with chocolate on the ends. It was very good but I will probably try something different next time I go. Then we went back to the 9th floor lounge to meet up with the rest of the group. They had decided that we were going to try a club near by. So we were going to meet back up at 11 and check it out. When we got there the club was closed for renovation. I decided instead of following everyone around the city all night to find a club to go back to the hotel and go to bed. At this point it was around 3 A.M. and I was exhausted!

Saturday I woke up at 11. I decided that I must have really needed the sleep...hung out with my roommate and read some of my book again! Then at 5 P.M. a group of us went to a festival called Feast of San Gennaro. It was in Little Italy/Chinatown and so I was very excited to go because I had not been to this area yet. We took the subway in order to get there so that let me learn more about the subway which is something I need desperately. At the festival I ate so much! First I started off with of course pepperoni pizza,then a fried Oreo, and to end it off I had a cannoli. I could not believe that I had never tried a fried Oreo! They are at almost every festival I have ever been too I just have never gotten one. It was pretty good but I will take a double stuff Oreo from the refrigerator any day.
After the festival some of us girls wanted to check out a shop we had seen when walking around Little Italy. One of us had seen a sign for $10 shoes! I did not find anything to buy but they did have some really cute pieces there. I will definitely have to go back and shop in Little Italy.
Then we decided that going to a karaoke bar or place would be fun! So about ten of us at 11 headed to go belt out some songs! Well you know me and I had already decided that all I was going to do was sit and sing but was not going to get on the mic. When we got there we paid and were told we would have a private room for an hour. As people started singing I knew all of the songs and of course started singing. I was pressured into singing a few songs on the mic with a few people. We were all being so goofy that it did not matter what you sounded like....I had so much fun and could not believe how far out of my comfort zone I was! I definitely will do that again because I had such a great time. Then singing made a few of us hungry again...imagine that after what we had already we went to Mc Donald's where I found that instead of getting two chocolate chip cookies for a dollar like in Texas I can get three for a dollar her in New York. This was a good but really bad thing for me to find out!
By this point it was about 2:30 and I was exhausted so I hung out on the 9th floor for a little while and then headed to bed!

Sunday, or today, has been a very lazy day! I slept until ten and then stayed there for a few more hours. Then I wanted to wait for my roommate to wake up before I headed to the grocery store. I was all out of food and needed some desperately! So around two she finally woke up and we ran to the store. We have offered our room to the EHS staff to have tours come through on a daily basis so in return we were given gift cards to a grocery store. This made my shopping so easy today because I just grabbed whatever I wanted and did not worry one bit how much it was! Now I am all stalked up for a while and have money left over on my gift card :)

Now I am catching up on internship stuff so I do not have to do it later, might see what some other people are up to, or read ...

All in all a jam packed weekend and I need so much more sleep but it was all worth it!

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