Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The last two days...not so exciting!

Sunday night September 26 I ended my night with seeing the show Chicago! The show was so much fun...I had not remembered much from the movie so all of the Broadway show was pretty much new to me. Their is alot of dancing and plain black costuming in this show but the dancers are amazing! They do a dance called Fosse. I went to see it with girls from my place Andrea, Lisa, Jenna, and a few others. Andrea is here for dancing so she was all over this show. It was so much fun sitting with her and seeing how much she enjoyed the show and appreciated the dancing!

Monday September 27
Monday morning started the week of dreariness! It has rained SO much this week already! Four people I am around alot have not been feeling well and so I am  just hoping it is the weather and not that everyone is sick. As soon as I arrived at work I was swept away to the back to my new desk. We had two new interns start Monday so I was moved to the back where more of the team workers desks are. At first I was upset about this because Jenny a past intern works in the front of the office and I like her alot. But now I am starting to get used to and like having my own little corner. We were sent four huge bags full of craft kits. It is now my job to go through all of the kits and make sure that they are acceptable to send to other hospitals. Then I have to find in the database hospitals that need supplies and then box them all up and ship them off. The goal is to ship items we recieve as fast as possible and to the hospitals that need them the most. This task took me a while so when I was done it was time for lunch and Caitlin wanted the interns to go out to lunch and get to know each other. Now in the office their is me from Sam Houston, Kaylee from NYU, Kevin from New Hampshire, and Marissa who is from Massachusetts but is originally from California! We had alot of fun talking and getting to know each other and this made me feel alot more comfortable with my job and being at work. I am very happy that they are there with me and seeing what we all can bring to Project Sunshine.

After lunch I did not have much to do and Kaylee had said that she had a huge list of things to do so I helped her with a few things. One of the things was tying shirts nicely like a gift for a training session we had Monday night. I do not enjoy doing this kind of project but it gave me practice and I actually started looking close to a pro. Then ended the work day folding shirts for a huge event Caitlin has Wednesday with a very important company to us so everything had to look professional and nice.

Brianna and I were supposed to meet Sunday night to get a cupcake from Crumbs Bakery but I ended up seeing Chicago instead so after work we met up to get a cupcake. I had a Half Baked cupcake which is alot like a cookie dough one. It was so good! I have been so bad about sweats but they are so good! I figure I am walking so much that I can splurge a little. Probably not as much as I do but whatever :)
Then Gossip Girl was on last night and so me, Erika, Lisa, and Aaron watched it in Lisa's room. We had alot of fun recognizing places they filmed at and talking about Fashion's Night Out because the show was based around it last night.

Tuesday September 28
Caitlin did not come in until late today because she was not feeling well. This started a huge scare in the office that everyone was going to get sick! The weather has been so gloomy, humid, and rainy. My first task was to send Project Sunshine bags to Tennessee for a new Project Sunshine starting from a new company supporting our cause. Then I finished folding all the shirts for the event tomorrow. On Thursday we have a Sunshine Chef event in Brooklyn and so today we had to order all of the food. I was asked to look up all the ingredients and find out if the store we used had all of the items we needed. After this we were sent blankets and pillows from our event last week we had with NY Life. I was asked to find two hospitals in New York to send these items too because NY Life works with the people of New York on Medicare and things of this nature. So I shipped and updated the database on shipping these items. Then Kevin had not been shown the craft kit database yet so I was able to teach him how it all worked and what he needed to do to update the database and ship items to hospitals. After this their was nothing pressing to get done so I started making more baseball craft kits so that we could send to hospitals more often rather than waiting on our supporters to make kits for us. To end the day I ran an errand to Sovereign Bank to get paperwork for our program starting in Kenya.

When I arrived back at my place Lisa wanted to hang out. So I had not watched Desperate Housewives yet and wanted to catch up so we did that. Then we ate dinner and watched Glee!

A side note to my day is that one of our kids in Project Sunshine back home is at Texas Children's tonight. He is having problems with seizures. Please pray that he gets through this hard time and strength for his family! Thanks!

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