Saturday, October 2, 2010

Work just keeps getting better...

Wednesday September 29
Work was very slow on this day! We had a huge event in East Harlem so I was in the office with about three other people. Two of the new interns were asked to go to this event for some reason so I was not allowed to go since their were so many volunteers there. So I worked on finishing 50 baseball craft kits and printing off sunny grams. We are in the works of possibly having a company make 10,00o sunny grams for us so I have to get them all printed off before then. Since the day was going to be slow I was told to take a long lunch break in Bryant Park so I definitely too advantage of this. The weather was beautiful and was a great break to my day.

After work I went to a Milkshake Mingle event. They were very good and reminded me of a frosty from wendys. There was not much mingling going on so we decided to head somewhere else. A bunch of people were hungry so we went to a sushi place called Sushi Osaka and hung out for a while. Then we decided that Magnolia Bakery sounded really great for dessert! Magnolia is famous for there cupcakes and we have wanted to go for a while but it never works out. This night the trip did not work out either because they were closed! Plan B, go get gelatto in Time Square....where I got Caramel Crunch was not my favorite dessert but was good to try it!

Thursday September 10
I had been asked by Caitlin last week to ship some boxes to a hotel in Tennessee. UnitedHealth Group is having a event there and so we needed to send them supplies but they did not want them to arrive too early for the hotel to have to store the boxes. So I had looked up the arrival dates and found that today would be the right time to send the three packages. Then I uploaded pictures from the event that were so cute! We had a photo booth there and the whole thing was carnival themed so we had carnival items for the kids to take pictures with. I could not get enough of all the cute little pictures that were taken of each kid. I was supposed to go to a Sunshine Chef event in Brooklyn but the weather was so gross that the hospital cancelled for this upcoming week! Caitlin then decided that I could go to a Book Club event at Mt. Sinai Hospital. Vincent Kirsch was the author and illustrator of Too Little Boys From Toolittle Toys...He was such an interesting guy! We were at a place in the hospital called KidZone TV where authors and other things get filmed and then the feed gets shown on all the televisions in the hospital for the patients. So, Vincent started working freelance jobs, then went to Bergdorf Goodman and was the person who did the window displaces, then he became a designer for Broadway show posters, and then he started writing and illustrating! His books are so cute but he totally lives in his stories world! We were very happy that he agreed to read his story for this hospital and represent Project Sunshine.

When I got back to my place me and Lisa were really bored! So we decided to go shopping...I bought a shorter black sweater because all of mine are long and then I bought some awesome teal Vans! They are surprisingly comfortable and will be great walking shoes for this city! After shopping we watched Greys Anatomy with Andrea, Laura, and Candace! Of course we could not miss our show!

Friday October 1
I was asked to go to Brooklyn to accompany Erik, a guy painting a mural for Project Sunshine at a hospital. Me and Marissa went with him and got a little lost with where to go. We never get the right directions but we made it....Erik started sketching and he is making a mural of Finding Nemo! We are so happy that he is doing this for us....then it was back to work!

I had to upload the photos from the Book Club event first! We took about fifty pictures it was crazy but a lot of fun! Then I sent off my baseball craft kits, filed some papers, and shipped SHSU there t shirts!!!

Friday night we all went out to eat. After walking a complete circle we finally ended up at a pasta place next to Bryant Park. It was very good pasta and a great atmosphere for a big group. Then me and Andrea got cake from Tic Toc Diner and hung out for a while...

Great start to a weekend!

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