Saturday, November 13, 2010

Friday November 12
At work I turned into a boring intern again...I would rather sit in the conference room and hang out with the other intens while doing tasks..

First we brought all of the mailing to the post office and was able to get that completed. Then I caught up on sending off craft kits to five hospitals that had backed up while we were working on the appeal. After that I was asked by Emily to prepare her Credit Card Report Forms. She has not done this for about five months so I first had to find all of the receipts that matched with each statement. While I was in the middle of this the staff told Stephen and me that we were getting lunch on them so we went to Guy and Gallard to get lunch. I had a turkey sandwich that was actually very good!

When we arrived back at the office we were told that Monday they were going to order food for the office to really thank everyone for helping with mailing. We were starting to feel a little percentage of appreciation by this point. Then I went back to my Credit Card form task....After working on this for a little while I was asked to go to Joseph's office to get a few documents signed. His office is not far so I walked but once again I did not meet him. That is the fourth time I have been there and have not even seen him..he is now the "invisible man" to me.

At around 4:55 Caitlin told us we could go home "early" and Stephen literally dropped everything we were doing and walked out. She really knows how to reward someone.

Friday night I ran errands with Brianna. Then we ate at Applebees where she ate a burger and I opted for dessert :) which was a Maple Blondie Brownie! Yummy
Then we went and had a Private Practice marathon back at the dorm :) It was a much needed hang out time with my friend Brianna! I am going to miss it.

Saturday November 13
Today the EHS facility is having there Open House. So our room is one of the rooms that gets toured because we have the smallest double room. This means people would be in and out of my room all day and all I wanted to do was sleep all day! So when I woke up at 10:30 I was very surprised that there had not been any tours that had come through all day. Then Andrea invited me to breakfast where we went to Tic Tock and I had a Belgian Waffle! We had a fun time catching up and just talking about our week :) She is a great listener and someone that I enjoy doing things with.
Then I went back to my room where only one tour had come through all day and my roommate with her friend from California was still asleep. So I started watching the movie "Red" on the Internet. The movie is a really good movie with alot of great actors...I would suggest it to anyone.

After that my roommate woke up and so I decided to get out of my room and head to Times Square. They were having a Holiday Fair on 47th where they had food and shopping! I bought four necklaces, a chicken kabob, and a brownie :) Had a great time by myself!
As soon as I arrived at Times Square the Naked Cowboy was out so people were everywhere taking pictures of him and of course I became a tourist again and also grabbed a photo lol!

Now I am finishing watching Red! Listening to Christmas music and eating my brownie :)
Tonight we are watching Harry Potter! Cant wait until Thursday Night!

Oh the family is starting to come next Saturday :)

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