Saturday, November 6, 2010

Wednesday November 3
At work I worked on our annual appeal! We are sending out thousands of letters to people for donations that help our organization run.So the interns get to label all of the envelopes with addresses which has been scheduled for a three week block of time. Then I took a break from that and put together a bag for a little girl who is having surgery soon and has to be in the hospital for four days after. So we put together a package for her and she becomes a star for a day which is alot of fun. We put in the bag a crown to decorate, megaphone craft, high school musical t shirt and some other fun items.

To me this program is really fun but when I think about my hospital stays and how much I wanted out of their it just makes me think that I would never want this junk. All I wanted to do when I was in the hospital was sleep and get out as soon as possible! So having a million crafts shoved at me would  have not worked but would just stay in the bag until I arrived back home.

Then to finish the day we went through more of the 3000 sunny grams and went to work on some more envelopes.

Before work I had tried to get tickets to Promises Promises but Kristin Chenoweth was not going to be performing until Friday so we decided not to go. Then we went to Fela and tried to get tickets but they were not selling Student Rush until 6:00. After work we  went to the theater for Fela and got our tickets.

Andrea was performing in Time Square for a new video game promotion so we went to watch her do that which was really fun to see her perform! Then me, Erika, and Lisa went to Juniors to get cheesecake and chicken strips for dinner. At 8:00 we went to see Fela which was probably one of the worst shows I have seen since I have been here because we could not relate to the show or understand through their African accents. The dancing and singing was really good but was just hard to relate and our seats were awful because they do not have good Student Rush seating.

Thursday November 4
We worked on envelopes all day and were supposed to start printing the letters but our printer was broken! I also helped Naomi find recipes and decided that we love the website FamilyFun for recipes. For lunch we all decided to order pizza which was really good and we also had a good time sitting and talking. We learned alot about each other and they figured out I have a twin...Sierra they know about you now! lol ...They knew my mom and sister were coming for Thanksgiving but I guess I never told them the sister was my twin. lol... They were freaking out and could not believe I did not tell them but I do not share alot I guess and takes a while for me to say anything, Then we went back to work on envelopes until there were no labels to stick!

After work I was not feeling well. I was supposed to meet some girls from church for dinner but that did not work out. So I decided to veg and just have the evening for myself with some snacks of course! Then I went to Lisa's to watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice which were both very intense great shows tonight! Private Practice was sad but for me interesting because it was all about rape and I just took a class on Family Violence.

Friday November 5
We had to organize the office because there were boxes everywhere! Everyone in  the office does not like clutter and so we had to do something about our mess in the back of the office. I literally have a cave where my desk is to sit and work and then behind me I have piles of surgi dolls that need to be fixed! Then the printer was finally fixed and letters were printed. We had to cross our the friend part of "dear friend" in the letter and put the persons name it was being sent to and then at the bottom of the letter I had to write "We would be grateful for your continued support. It makes our work possible." They preferred for this to be written in cursive but my generation does not write in cursive and so you can not read my writing if I write that way....So they decided to let me write regularly. Which I understood why they wanted me to write that way because of our directors signature at the bottom but its a one prints there signature they sign it in cursive so then it did not make since to me....either way the letters are going to look kind of tacky!

Another frustrating part of the day was that none of the WoldShip software was working on the computers. So I could not send off any of our clutter!

After work me and Lisa went to Macy's Bar and Grill where we had fries, salad, and a huge ice cream sundae with brownie which we split all of it. The meal was very good but it was very awkward to have shoppers looking at us eat this huge sundae! lol ... the waiter was like I did not think you two would finish this and we just stared at her like of course we did lol...

Then Dale, Jose, Patrick, and Andrea were going to eat Thai food so we me up with them and hung out. We had a really great time talking and just catching up from the week. Then a few of us went to go see Due Date which was better than I thought it would be but still really dumb.I just do not have that kind of humor and really wanted to see the movie Red instead but we had already missed a few minutes of it.

Saturday November 6
Me, Dale, Lisa, and Erika left at 10 to go get tickets for Promises Promises! Which we finally were able to get our hands on some and hopefully the seats are not terrible...Then we went to eat at Tic Tock Diner where I had chocolate chip pancakes that are amazing but I am getting tired of that diner...

This afternoon I am just catching up on neglected things and probably will go workout with Lisa before the show.
Tonight is the show! Kristen Chenoweth and Sean Hayes are in it and I think it will be a great show :)

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