Thursday, November 11, 2010

I will never write, label, or glue closed another envelope again!

Sunday November 7
I woke up early to start my Internship paper so that I did not run out of time before the due date which I finished! Go me :) Then I needed a break so I worked out with Lisa. After my good hour work out I watched my shows. Brothers and Sisters and Desperate Housewives was very interesting this week.

In the middle of my shows Alexis showed up with Eddie and were so very awkward. She is a great roommate but does not know how to respect a roommate when it comes to eleven o clock at night and bringing your guy friend home.

Work was consumed by MAILING! But the annual appeal mailing will be all mailed off by tomorrow at lunch!!!!

Monday November 8
After work me and Lisa were really bored so we hung out in her room watching television and eating her awesome Austrian chocolate! She swears that there chocolate is way better than is definitely good but I don't know if way better is right...

Then we met with Andrea and went to Forever 21. Andrea had a hip hop 80s audition she had this week and so we were shopping for that.  Once we were back we decided to watch the first Harry Potter in order to prepare for next weeks premier!

Tuesday November 9
I went to the Jason Castro (American Idol) concert at BB King Club with Lisa, Brianna, and Kathleen. He does a very good concert. The girl who opened for him Toby Lightman was also a great singer and has some songs that were used on TV shows and movies. The venue was a different atmosphere than I was used to though and we all had a long day so we were all very tired. We had to order at least one thing at the club and since we had pizza for dinner we all got dessert at the club. My cheesecake was very good and surprisingly my first piece since I have been here.

Wednesday November 10
Last night I went to a place called Joe's Pub with Erika, Lisa, and Andrea. It was located on the West Village so to keep away from getting lost in the crazy streets of the village we took a cab. Then the doors were not open yet so we stood outside in the cold for about ten minutes complaining about how cold we were and that we had a reservation...none of it mattered! Once we were let in we ordered dessert again because the food was expensive but we had to buy something so I had cookies and brownie :) This place was much more fancy then BB King Club but was smaller and quaint!

We were seeing Louis Hobson from Spring Awakening. Erika loves this show and is obsessed with everyone in it and so that is why we were there. He was a very good singer and even brought in other Broadway cast members he has worked with over time. The night was alot of fun and nice to have a night out but still low key with the girls :)

Thursday November 11
Today at work we of course did mailing!!! But we finished all of it finally :) The fun part of it was that me, Steve, and Marisa were in the conference room all day working on them together...we had alot of fun just listening to music and telling stories.The whole day we were either delirious, hungry, or just plain tired of doing the same thing over and over for the last week. It was so much fun to just let loose and talk freely with the rest of the interns in the conference room. Me, Steve, and Marisa now have a band called the Paper Cuts....yes we were that delirious and tired of gluing envelopes!

Every time someone came in to check on us we literally almost bit their heads off. The only person we respected in the office after today was Heidi who is in charge of all this mailing and could be annoying when checking on our progress but we were okay with her :)

So glad the mailing is DONE!!!

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