Friday, November 19, 2010

Slow week but the fam and friends are coming!

Tuesday November 16
Sent craft kits and  sunny grams to a hospitals play room that is in need of activities.Then I uploaded the Canada Gala pictures to the share drive for Jenny. After that I submitted a college chapters applications to the database. To end the day I walked to Josephs office to get papers signed and still did not meet him.

After work I went to Crumbs to get a cupcake because I had not been there in a while. Cupcakes have become a weakness here and now m&ms because I have a friend who buys them all the time. Then I went to workout with Lisa to make me feel better about my cupcake :)
Lisa has family in this week so we all went out to eat at a steakhouse called Kleins. The food was so great and her family was so kind. Fun night all together!

Wednesday November 17
Work consisted of Lisa having me do her Credit Card forms for most of the day. Organizing and finding all of the receipts for a statement takes forever when they are thrown in random spots. Then I worked on more of Jenny's college chapter applications to be put in the database. The office was having a board meeting so I also went and bought food for the board members. Since Joseph came to the meeting I also met him finally. He is not what a person would expect in a organization founder because he is so young and just does not have the professional look but he is very successful in all he has done.

After work I went and ate at Tic Toc with Lisa and Andrea. Then I tried to go to bed early...was not successful!

Thursday November 18
No one was in the office today so we did nothing! All I did was send one package to Miami that had a sign in sheet, brochures, pins, and press kits in it. Then I was asked to run a gift to a hospital for a patient. I arrive at the hospital to find out the patient has been brought home. My office is on 39th and 6th avenue and this hospital was on 39th and 1st avenue...To say the least I was tired and frustrated when I got back to Project Sunshine....

But after work it was Harry Potter time!!! We went to the theater at 9:30 and was let in at 10:00ish. Then we sat and watched extreme fans fight with their wands around the theater and quiz people in the audience on their Harry Potter knowledge. The movie started at 12:30 and ended at 4:00! I was so tired but it was fun and so worth it!

Friday November 19
Woke up exhausted!!! Luckily at work was boring today....but then again their is only so many times you can get on facebook a day before it gets ridiculously boring! At lunch I met Lisa at the set of Jennifer Aniston new movie! We totally saw her and were yelled at by the crew :) A women yelled at me and told me I was going to get ran over by a car lol but it was exciting! Then I went back to work :( for the next four hours I did NOTHING! I tried to leave early but they thought I might need to personally deliver some five o clock I was finally told they did not need me and I could leave....what a wasted day!!!

After work I went to the Armani sample sale with Erika and Lisa. They bought a few items but even though everything was dramatically on sale I just could not get myself to pay that kind of money for a purse....So we headed back to our place and me and Erika made pasta for dinner. Now I am chilling and resting up for when mom and Jo get here tomorrow!!! :)

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