Monday, November 15, 2010

Harry Potter Marathon Weekend! :)

Sunday November 14
So I can not wait for Harry Potter Thursday night at 12! I watched the other movies all day! First I went to church at Cityvine with Brianna though. It was so great to see everyone again and they were so friendly of course! We caught up and it sort of made me sad I will be leaving soon. Pastor Dave talked about Obedience and how what other people does around us shapes the way we are because of their influence. Also how we are always asked "Who has influenced you in your life?" Then the first answer is some celebrity or important reality the main people who influence you are your immediate family! I totally agreed with this because my first though was my mom :) With out her I do not know what I would do because with everything I ask her opinion and then after that my twin sis Sierra! :)

After introducing Brianna to my other friends we headed back to our area from Union Square on the N! Yes I am starting to totally get the Subway which is a miracle in! Then we ate at Taco Bell which I am not a fan of here in New York but it sounded good....

My afternoon consisted of watching Harry Potter on ABC Family! But this weekend was Open House for EHS so their were a million tours and I could not stand it. So I headed to the gym for an hour :)

Then the gang me up and we watched Harry Potter 6 Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince in order to get ready for Thursday!!! Lisa brought her amazing Austrian chocolate and of course I ate way too much! So today the workout is going to have to be intense :)

Monday November 15
Today at work I did a little shopping....Then Lisa and Emily both needed there Credit Card Forms done for like three months. So I found all of their receipts and matched them up to the correct statement. Then created the form for each. Today was slow but productive for the most part.

After work I went shopping! I went to Macy's and Kara to see what they had. Kara was having a huge sale so they were very picked over and did not have much. I am sure they are receiving a shipment soon. Since that store was a dud I ran to Macy's. Macy's had some very cute dresses! I liked what I tried on but not loving any of them enough to wear to my upcoming events so I have not made any purchases yet.

Tonight I am going to work out with Lisa while watching our shows!

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