Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Fun and then back to the internship...

Saturday October 30

I got up early to go apartment shopping with the girls! No, not for my apartment so Becca do not worry I am coming back :)... Erika, Lisa, and Andrea have finally found a great apartment in the Upper East Side. So we went out to find them some possible furniture and decorations. First we needed food to wake us up so we sent to a little cafe in Union Square where I ate a bagel which I have been  craving forever! The bagel was not great so that was disappointing! Then we went to a fun antique store first which reminded me of home. They found some decorations that could make their walls beautiful but they are waiting on the keys first before they buy anything. Then we headed to Anthropologie because they have wonderful decorations but also clothes we all love! Of course we could not afford hardly any of it so we just looked mostly and wished we could buy half of the store.

After shopping they were all going to try out a gym membership that is near their new apartment. I went back to are place now and took a nap! I was so tired but of course two tours had to come in while I was trying to sleep which was annoying!

For dinner I ran to Auntie Anne's because Lisa and Andrea had already had dinner but wanted dessert so we just got pretzels which I was okay with :)

Then me, Lisa, and Erika had tickets to see Rocky Horror picture show while a cast acted the movie out! This was alot of fun to learn all of the quotes you scream out during the show and the props you use to make the show alot more interesting. I did not think this was possible but quickly learned this is possible!

Sunday October 31
HALLOWEEN!!! Me, Lisa, and Erika met in the lounge at 11. Our plan was to finish up our costumes for the Halloween parade. I decided to be Little Red Riding hood because the weather was supposed to be freezing and my coat is red :) perfect! But I tried to find a basket at Kmart and had no such luck! Lisa found a witches hat though so she now had a easy costume she could wear warm clothes with! We also bought candy for when our group met in the lounge before the parade. We decided that since we cant trick or treat we were going to still have candy with each other :)

At 4:30 we all met in the lounge all in our costumes. We dumped all of our candy on a table and dug in! Also we all took pictures together and just had a fun time before heading out! We had m&m's, Jack Sparrow, Ferbie, Goth Guy, Grifendor student, and a wise man.

After filling up on candy we went to the parade. The parade had every costume imaginable in it and some fun performing bands and dance schools but it was really cold! We stayed for pretty much the whole thing but then we were getting to cold and hungry. So we headed to Tic Tock for some chicken strips and waffle fries! yummy! Then to end the night me, Andrea, Lisa, Erika, and Dale watched Beauty and the Beast :)!

Monday November 1
At work I worked on doing inventory of t shirts. We received a shipment of t shirts in and I was to count the number we had and then count the number we had received in the shipment. This took me the morning to get all straightened out. Then we started our annual donation writing and so the interns get to write our directors name on the millions of envelopes. For the next three weeks we have a schedule for which intern works on mailing and at what time. My hand is about to fall off from all the writing but I guess we will get lots of donations from it so maybe that is worth it.

After work I met up with Lisa and we went to Chipoltle to eat burritos! Which were very good and gave me lunch for the next day because the burritos there are so huge. Later we went to the gym to workout during Gossip Girl and get my mind off of the fact that I am working out lol. Otherwise I would never get through an hour of workout.

TuesdayNovember 2
I was on the schedule to work on mailing for the morning shift. I was able to get a whole box of envelopes finished. Then we received 3000 sunny grams to go through so all of us interns worked on that throughout the day. We hate when their is the cutest sunny gram and then open it and it says God bless or Get Well Soon..that is not appropriate lines to write on cards of this nature.

Later in the day I took a break and ran an errand for Heidi to pick up a DVD which was on East 21st Street which is about 20 blocks from our office. I had the dumb idea to walk there and so this took a while and made me extremely exhausted and sore feet by the time I got back. Then I put together a few training packets for Naomi who has a training tomorrow.

To end the day I started opening more boxes thinking there were more sunny grams when come to find out Americhoice sent us a bunch of junk! We had snoopy dog bowls, storage bins, and brochures from there business. So we had to figure out if they sent us all of this on purpose or if this was a huge mistake which we sort of hoped was the case. There was no way we could send all of that to hospitals because they would not want any of it just like we do not want any of it.

Tonight I have worked out and now I am watching Glee. I am hoping my roommate does not come back for a while because I am enjoying my room to myself without her and her boyfriend but that wish will probably not last for long...We shall see!

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