Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween in Full Swing!!!

Wednesday October 27
Today Naomi had a Halloween event at Henry Street the place where I took the kids to the Pumpkin Patch. They did Spooky Smoothies and Pretzel Spiders. The group was such a fun group that I wish I was asked to go but I was stuck in the office. So instead I sent off Halloween items to hospitals that a corporate group had made for us at an event. The group made so many items that we were able to send two hospitals in New York cards and gift bags for patients to celebrate Halloween. Then I helped Naomi get all of her items together for her event which involved cooking items and items for other crafts they were making. We also had a Book Club event with Maryann McDonald at KidZone and Sally with Jenny went to that event where they dressed up for Halloween and read the authors story.

After work I figured out my schedule for Spring semester back at Sam Houston. I am so excited because I am so close to graduation I can feel it...just two more semesters! Then I worked out with Lisa.

Thursday October 28
Thursday was a big day for Project Sunshine! We had an event at Beth Israel for Halloween of course but what was so special was Abigail Breslin was our VIP there. I was not allowed to go because only higher up staff members went but I uploaded pictures today from the event and she is adorable! She dressed up as a cat and just took over helping the kids with their crafts and looked like she belonged. Then I took the free day to look up winter crafts for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. To end my day I was asked by Jenny to combine all of her College Chapter medical facility information together into one big database. My computer is so slow that this task became a very drawn out time consuming task and so I did not finish but put a dent in the project.

Me and Lisa decided to go shopping after I got back from work because I wanted to buy some better Ugg boots. I have been debating this for about three months because the pair I already have I love but they do not stay up....So we ran into Forever 21 first to see what they might have. I ended up buying a dress, blazer, and a skirt. Guess I was in the shopping mood for once but I think Lisa is rubbing off on me because she loves to shop! This is so not good but I do still debate my purchases so I think I am still okay...Then we ran to Journeys so I could try on Uggs...their are so many pairs now days but I wanted some plain tall black pair...the  choice was easy but the price tag was hard to look at...Hope the purchase will be worth it!
After this my shopping trip was over so we went back and went our separate ways. My roommate Alexis and her friend Eddie was in our room hanging out so I talked to them for a little while and then it was time to go workout. Me and Lisa have decided to go workout during the times our shows or shows we like are on to keep us engaged on something other than our workout. So last night we went during Greys Anatomy and then I went back to my room and ignored Alexis and Eddie and went to sleep!

Friday October 29
I was tempted to go into work late because today I had two parties to go to and I knew I would not be done with work until 9:00. But when I woke up Eddie was still in my room and Alexis had gone to practice. This was just awkward so I minded my own business and got ready for work and went there at the regular time. I did this just to get away from the situation and hoping I would not have to do much when I arrived. At first all I had to do was work on Jenny's database. She had three new chapters to be added so I did this once my computer stopped freezing up on me...Then I put more pictures of Abigail on the share drive we had received by the photographer. After that I was sent on an an errand to Duane Reade to buy last minute event items a few times because people kept on remembering things they needed once I arrived back at the office. Then at 2:00 me and Kaylee went to HSS ( Hospital of Special Surgery) for my first event of the day. At the event we made pear witches with the kids. You take a pear and cut them in half then put holes in them for the eyes nose and mouth. Add a twizzler for the mouth, a chocolate chip for the nose, and raisins for the eyes. Then take a cookie and put frosting on it in order to attach a ice cream cone to for the witches hat! This was a very cute idea and the kids for the most part loved it :) and we also had pumpkin and bat boxes for the kids to put their witch in to take home.

At 5:30 it was time for me to hit my second party! Me and Caitlin took a cab together but she was headed home and I was headed to an event...She gave me some insight on Child Life Specialist and told me she would put me in contact with her contact at Texas Children's! I was so excited and decided this was meant to be for me to be stuck going to two events in one night...

At Good Sheppard we also had a Halloween Party! We had mask decorating, face painting, bracelet making, and cookie decorating. My spot was cookie decorating but the teen girls were not into the cookies tonight. Tonight boys from another home were brought to Good Shepherd for the party so we believe that they did not want to eat junk in front of them :) teens! But we had VIP Damaris Lewis, Sports Illustrated super model there and another model friend of hers. She is so great with these girls every time I see her. She has done a ton of events with us here and also did a dance camp with the girls this summer. Since this event was teenagers the event was more low key and not as stressful so I made it in one piece! After eating around four cookies and drinking alot of water I was finally done with my crazy day! Now I am hanging out waiting on people to get back from seeing The Addams Family on Broadway...

Tomorrow I am going to see Rocky Horror Picture Show! Then Sunday I am going to the big Greenwich Village Parade!!!

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