Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Figuring Life Out and Having Fun While Trying To Do So

Sunday October 24
I slept until 11:00 which felt great! Then me and Alexis watched Say Yes To The Dress for a few more episodes. At 1:30 I met up with Lisa and Brianna to go eat at Five Guys which is a burger place that originated in New Jersey but now is everywhere. Sierra had actually told me about it because there is one in Austin but I had never made it there so we went to the one across the street from my place. The burger and fries were very greasy but the best I have had since I have been here. After that we all had different things to take care of so we finished up our chat and went out separate ways. Patrick called me at about 5:00 and asked me if I wanted to try Yoga with some people...I was very hesitant but ended up agreeing to go. The class was on the Upper East Side and was by donation so we left here at about 6;30 so that we could get a snack beforehand. We stopped at Wendy's and got our snack then had extra time so we went into a little book store. The bookstore had the book I am now reading The Girl Who Played With Fire so I sat and read some of it. Then we went to the Yoga class which was surprisingly a nice work out. I could not do half of the stuff but we tried it at least and made it through after a few laughs and dodging kicks because the class was full. We liked it so much we might start going every Sunday evening.

Monday October 25
I had a long list of tasks to complete. The first thing on the list was we had sent a package to Israel and they had never received it. So I had to call and find out where it was. Turns out the package had made it there but someone else signed for it. Then I was asked by Jenny to make a list of possible hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses that SHSU Chapter could volunteer at. This was time consuming but i ended up with a pretty good list considering we are so close to Houston and their are a ton of branches of hospitals near us. After that Naomi needed me to order food for an event she has on Wednesday where we are making Spooky Smoothies and Pretzel Spiders. So I made sure we would have enough food for 25 kids and sent out the order to be delivered to the correct hospital. To finish the day I did more work for Jenny putting in another college chapter into the database.

After work I met up with Brianna and Kathleen to go eat pizza. We decided to go cheaper and go to the place that gives you two slices and a soda for $2.75. Then we just headed back to Brianna's room and chatted about high school days for a couple of hours which is fresh on their minds because they graduated last year so they still have alot to say about it.

To end my night I went and worked out with Lisa which was difficult because we were supposed to watch Gossip Girl while working out but I left my headphones so I had to guess what people were saying. Tonight I am not leaving my headphones because I will not miss Rocky Horror Glee!

Tuesday October 26
Today was super low key! I asked Caitlin a dozen times if she needed anything to be done and she never did. So I put in another college chapter into the database for Jenny. Then I finished putting together the box for Naomi's events with measuring cups, plastic silverware, and a blender. Then the rest of the day I researched job possibilities. I am stuck on either Child Life Specialist or Medical Social Worker which are very similar but one works alot with kids and the other just does alot of paperwork and some time with the kids. So I have alot of thinking to do and hopefully contacts to seek out.

Tonight I am reading some of my book and researching some more. Then going to workout with Lisa so we can multi task while watching Rocky Horror Glee!!! Cant wait!

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