Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thursday October 14

I helped Marissa make fifty surgi doll templates for her event next week. She has a huge list of things to take care of before then so I decided to help. Then I organized all of the supplies and packed them up so that they can be sent off to the venue next week. Friday we were having two events at two different places with the company Draft SCB who is a health care company.

After work I went and worked out with Lisa for about an hour and then watched Greys Anatomy and Private Practice.

Friday October 15

I went to Woodhall Hospital in Brooklyn for our Draft SCB event. The event was in the outpatient facility of the pediatrics unit. Since we were in the middle of the waiting area everything was hectic! Parents would drop off their kids to hang out and do crafts with us and then come back later for their kids who had already left. No one had a organized way of keeping track of the parent and their kid. This part of the event was very frustrating to me. But we had fun doing face painting, making crowns, decorating journals, and decorating glasses. All of the activities were a hit and the look of the playroom afterword showed that we had a good time.

Then I met up with Lisa, Erika, and Andrea at Zara a clothing store to finish up shopping and go eat. We went to Simply Pasta where I had lasagna that was pretty good but not as good as my moms lasagna or lasagna from Joe's. The girl time was fun and the bread that we inhaled was really good! We decided that was not enough so we ran to Crumbs and got cupcakes to enjoy! None of us had seen the movie Social Network and so we went to see it and enjoy our cupcakes at the theater.

After the movie went to the lounge to find Dale, who has interned with Facebook before and is now at Google here in New York interning. He knows alot about the Internet world and so we were all interested in what he thought about the movie.

Then we all decided to go up to Andrea's room and watch Land Before Time...the first one! We had not seen it since we were kids so watching it together was fun. The plan is to watch one every week or try to finish all of our favorite ones this semester I think.....

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