Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday October 2 and Sunday October 3

Saturday October 2

Saturday I slept in until 10 and of course laid in bed until around 11. Then me and Lisa had decided the night before to go to Starbucks. So Lisa texted me once she was ready and we went to get some coffee! I am a big fan of the Toffee Mocha Frappucino but I have refrained from Starbucks since I have been here. Then we had to wait for the rest of our group to get ready or get back from kayaking so we went back to our rooms.

The plan for the day was to go to Hoboken, NJ. You may not recognize this place but you might recognize the show Cake Boss. This town is where Carlos Bakery is located! So we decided to go there and buy some pastries and go to a little park they have in Hoboken. The day was beautiful so we all enjoyed our snacks in the park and took photos of the Manhattan Skyline in front of us. (All of my photos are on Facebook).

Saturday evening a Improv Everywhere event was going on. This is an event where you bring certain items to this one location. This year we were told to bring a gift, two pieces of paper with a consonant and then a vowel written on them, toilet paper, and a marker. Then you download a mp3 file to your ipod that you can not listen to until the event happens. The event started at 6 and you had to go to a retail department store that is within the shaded area on the website. We went to Time Square of course and waited for it all to start. Once it started you press Play at exactly 6 and are told to do certain things with each item and the products in the stores...The employees in the store were not too happy with us but luckily we were sent somewhere else quickly! We were sent to Bryant Park where we had to make a mummy out of someone with the toilet paper, color the continents on paper, and try to make a sentence with the letters...This all was for a guy named Steve and it was his "birthday" so we had to sing Happy Birthday and it was just super fun!

After that I just took the night for myself! I went and got cheap pizza and just watched tv for the rest of the night.

Sunday October 3
I went to Cityvine againn with Andrea. The message was about Jesus and the well with the Samarian women. We stayed after and talked until about one o clock again. They are just all so kind and I can not wait to go apple picking with them next Saturday!

The rest of my day has been lazy! I finally had an afternoon where I could just enjoy reading my book! I have gotten so far in it and can hardly put it down...but my shows are on tonight so I will have to stop for them! I also stopped to go to the gym with Brianna. She is really busy with class and going home so I do not see her that often. Our work out time was really great and we just were able to catch up and it was a nice break from her studying!

It is around 30 minutes from Desperate Housewives starting and I am watching it and Brothers and Sisters with Lisa and Laura so that ends my day and my fabulous weekend filled with eating and hanging out!


  1. I want to go apple picking! That sounds so need to take pics of the church and the people there when you go next Saturday :)

  2. so glad ur mom sent me the link - i can "be" in NYC with you - sounds like u r making GREAT use of your time and opportunities. Aren't you a Buna girl??? How do you know how to be a city girl??? and so quickly!!
    I'm gonna read your older posts so I can catch up w/ur life ... LOVE getting to share the city w/u THANKS!!