Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Week of Being A Helpful Hand

Tuesday October 19

My day at work was spent helping Marissa with her event she is having today. We had to box all of the craft materials up which ended up being eleven boxes stuffed full of materials. Then we had to figure out what was missing and add what was forgotten.

Then after work I called friends back home and figured out all the events I am missing! Then I worked out with Lisa in order for me to eat what I want but look good for all of these weddings coming up :) Then we picked up some food and met with the rest of our group for a hangout session in the lounge. The problem with the lounge is that when alot of people gather in it everything becomes really loud! So we all ended up staying for about an hour but were tired of not being able to hear each other so we all dispersed. Me and Lisa went to her room and just hung out for a little while longer. Then I went to my room and watched The Good Wife which comes on at 10 here and is so frustrating to me that all of my shows are so much later here but was still good and I just went to sleep soon after.

Wednesday October 20

I became a "accountant" person today. All day my task was to find all of Caitlin's receipts again. Then organize all of the receipts. After that make Expense Forms to go with all of her bank statements. In total I believe that the total amount of forms I made was six. But I am learning how to use Excel so much better and having "fun" learning a new skill. At some point in the day I took a break from my pile of paperwork on my desk and went to pick up some pictures for my co worker Emily. The Walgreen's I had to go to was on 32nd so it was a nice walk but also a miserable one because I was getting closer to the tourist. I was so close to the tourist and did not even realize the Walgreen's I was at was right underneath the Empire State Building. There were ticket sellers everywhere and people everywhere and I did not even notice until I went to leave and happened to look up! I guess that is when you know that you are not a tourist anymore when you do not even notice a major tourist attraction in front of you! All I could do is just laugh :)!

After work I decided to go shopping for some warmer shirts because the weather is getting cooler and I really did not bring alot of warm shirts. So I decided to check out a store called Daffy's...they are a store of nice brands but lower prices. After looking through the store for at least an hour I had tried on a few boots and found nothing but had grabbed two shirts. One shirt is black with a cute brown belt and the second one is blue and white striped button up. Then Lisa met up with me and we ran by Gap but here the store is a mess because so many people come through their a day and so we decided to go back when we were in the mood to dig around...

Once back at the hotel we went and worked out even though we really did not feel like it. While we worked out we had our laundry going because it is right next door to the gym and makes everything convenient. Then we went our separate ways until our laundry was dry. I went to my room and talked to Granny and Grandad on the phone. My day goes by so quickly here and so I  hardly ever get the chance to make a phone call unless I call while walking back from work. But I was able to stop and talk to them for about an hour which was really nice! Sounds like Buna is going to have a fun night tonight with there Homecoming Parade...parades with lights are so much fun!

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