Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Monday October 11

While everyone I know here had the day off for Columbus Day I had to go to work. But I was not in the office. Me and Stephen had to go to Stanton Street which is really far in the Lower East Side area. It is actually one street down from Houston St. but here some people pronounce it Howston street ... I always laugh when I here this pronunciation. Anyway after we arrived at the living facility we were assigned to go to we helped gather all of the kids up and head to the Subway. We then took the F train for about ten stops and got off to catch a bus for about another ten stops. After alot of riding and standing we finally arrived at Queens County Farm Museum where we did a corn maze, ate lunch, did the petting zoo, a hayride, and picked out a pumpkin. With ten kids in tow and all the walking we did on this day we were all exhausted! I was told that I would get an early day out of this but my day started at eight and ended at around six. When I arrived back in my room all I wanted to do was crash.

Me and Alexis ran to Mc Donald's across the street to get a snack and after that I crashed. I was so tired that when I woke up the next day I realized that we slept with the television still going and the light still on. Usually all of this would have kept me wide awake but I was that tired!

Tuesday October 12

Today we were busy getting ready for an event we have on Friday with Draft SCB. The company is making craft kits for us so I copied all of the papers needed to go in the kits.Then both Lisa and Caitlin needed me to do there Finance Reports. Lisa had everything pretty much done all I had to do was put all the data in a Excel spreadsheet but for Caitlin I had to go through all of her receipts and make sure she had all of them accounted for from the bank statement. This took me almost all of the rest of the day. Since the interns usually use her credit card to make orders and pay for everything she has alot of receipts and I was the lucky one who got to organize and make since of it all. But she was so happy it was done afterwards and so this made it partly worth it. Then to end my day me and Stephen sent off about 600 sunny grams/craft kits to four different hospitals.

After work me and Lisa went to FIT to go see there fashion museum which was really neat because it has clothing from all different decades. They even have a Eco friendly section that tells you what the clothing was made of and if for exampled they were from recycled products or water colored...Everything was really different and interesting to look at. I wanted to take pictures but that was not allowed. Then they also have a Japanese exhibit that shows the clothing from Japan over the years and the clothing is different but not much different from ours but then suddenly as we get closer to this decade their clothes become very technical looking. I guess this goes along with how technologically advanced they are becoming...
Then Glee was on so we watched it and I hope that Glee gets better because if not I am not going to be much of a fan anymore....

Wednesday October 13

I had received an email from Naomi to send a package to Miami so I did this first. She wanted the box to arrive in Miami by Tuesday so I had to look up and make sure the way I was shipping was going to allow the right amount of time for the package to get there by Tuesday. This took a while because my UPS WorldShip was not loading today and that is how we print off and send off the labels for our packages. So I had to use Marisa's computer in order to get this task done. We were shipping a few books and t shirts to them for a Book Club Event happening Tuesday of next week. Then Naomi needed me to run to Sovereign Bank to pick up a wire transfer slip from our rep there Louis. I think by now he recognizes me since I have been there three times now and will be back there tomorrow. Since it was such a beautiful day today I decided to walk back a little slower and enjoy the day. I noticed so many shops and eating places I had never noticed before and I now plan on going back their now anytime I want to eat somewhere new or need any clothing for when it starts to get cold.

Then when arrived back at Project Sunshine Jenny needed me to do a task for her. The task was to call Staples because we had received an email from them about a discount. We are trying to get some letters printed off from there and this discount was for printing. But we do not know who our Staples rep is and so we can not get the discount without our rep putting the transaction through for us. (At least this is how I uunderstood it). After calling around six different numbers and no one able to help me or they would try but end up giving me the wrong number, Jenny decided to quit I guess. She had me call all sorts of numbers and was just getting frustrated every time I came to her desk to tell her that the number was no help. Hopefully the problem gets resolved but it did not get resolved by me today unfortunately. Needless to say we still do not know who our rep is for some reason.

At the end of the day Marisa needed help with an event she has on Monday. At the event the company is making surgi dolls for us and so I was given the task of making the template. I had to print everything out, cut it all out, and then tape it together to make a doll. The cutting part is most time consuming and so I was able to finish about 20 templates before five came around and it was time to leave. Tomorrow I will be working to get the rest of them done in order for Marisa to have 50 surgi doll templates at her event on Monday.

After work I went to eat with Brianna and Kathleen for Kathleen's birthday. We went to Chevy's which was really good! Since it was right after work the place was packed and noisy but we had a good time. I had queso and a diet coke which was much needed because I am still not energized from my trip on Monday.

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