Monday, October 18, 2010

Saturday October 16

I slept in for some much needed rest. Then I got up and worked on my assignments due for my internship on Monday. I had written down the date and knew that it was coming but still did not have everything done. Then I met up with Andrea and Aaron to go eat dinner. Andrea really wanted Thai food so we went to her favorite place and I tried out Thai food. The meal was pretty good and the company was fun after I had been in my room all day. But the checks came and everything came really frustrating for me. Not everyone had enough cash to pay for there food and wanted to use a credit card. What is frustrating about New York is everything has a limit so if your meal is under ten dollars you cant use a card on it. Also you have to tell the waiter you want separate checks before you order which I forget about every time we go out to eat which is very frustrating!

Then we headed back to the hotel to meet up with the rest of the group. They had been upstate to a friends house. All of them were hungry so of course we joined and decided we could get dessert. Me and Andrea ended up being disappointed because Crumbs was closed but Tick Tock was not...I got red velvet cake that was made between each layer they had put chocolate and cheesecake...different but still pretty good! I ate about half of this and went to bed because Sunday morning was going to come early for me.

Sunday October 17
I had to be in the EHS office by 8 o clock. When I arrived two people were there and their was no coffee and donuts like we were promised. You see we were going to the Breast Cancer Walk in Central Park and were promised food before the race by our RA's which did not happen. So the beginning of my day started BAD...but the walk was alot of fun. Me and Lisa ended up walking faster than the rest of the group but still enjoyed Central Park and all of the people walking with us. It was amazing to see how many people came out to walk in this event and how the city organizes such a big event.

After we finished the 5 mile walk we were given healthy snacks to eat as a "gift" i guess which was actually really good. I do not know if I was just starving by this point or if the snacks were really good. One of the items was vegetable straws that I was very skeptical to try but they were my favorite snack and if I see them in the stores I would probably buy them. They reminded me of the Muncho chips in the orange bag that I used to eat all the time in high school but they are definitely not healthy like these chips were.

Then me and Lisa went to Soho and Greenwich Village...the plan was to find some celebrities! We were so close to Sarah Jessica Parker's but of course we did not have an actual address so we just got close. But we had fun trying to find the place and walking around this beautiful area. If I ever lived in New York officially I think I would try to live near this area because it is so calm and just beautiful. You are still close to the "city" but you are far enough away from the tourist that it is a relaxing environment.

Unfortunately we did not see any celebrities but we still had a enjoyable afternoon! Then we went our separate ways and I relaxed for the rest of the afternoon until going to Lisa's room to watch Desperate Housewives!

Monday October 18
Work was uneventful! I sat around for a while because Caitlin was out at the end of last week and had to catch up on emails and phone calls. Then Heidi needed stamps for the office so I ran to the Post Office for her. Then I came back out of the freezing cold and played on the computer. Marisa needed help with her event on Thursday but Caitlin would rather her do her work by herself rather than get help for some reason so I could not help her. Then Jenny needed keys made for our bathroom because for some reason the Women's bathroom stays locked and we lose the key all the time. So I went and made more in order for us to hopefully not lose all of them. After that Jenny received some College Applications in the male and needed them to be put into a database so I worked on that for the rest of the day...

Today my Evaluation and Time sheet was due for my internship and so Caitlin completed this for me and then went over all of it. I was very happy with her evaluation and realize I have alot to work on but am still doing a great job with the things that could be approved! Then I faxed the papers off and headed back to my place. I was supposed to go work out with Lisa but I am not feeling great...have the aches and a headache...not a good sign    :( so I have stayed in bed all evening and plan to go to sleep early!

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