Saturday, October 23, 2010

I am becoming artsy! Well I tried...

October 21, 2010
I did most of my work with Naomi today. First she needed to order ingredients for a spooky smoothie we are doing at a event next week. So I had to figure out the exact amount of items we needed to order and then add a little more so we would have extra. Then we wanted one more item for the kids to make and so I found a recipe for Pretzel Spiders using peanut butter, crackers, pretzels, and raisins. The only problem was we were dealing with allergies but this would have been the best Halloween snack ever if not for that. Then we we were sent sunny grams to be looked through and sent out so I did that. After this Jenny had New York University volunteer chapters paperwork to be put in the database so I worked on that.

To end the work day we had some very sad news given to us! Jenny has a college chapter that called her about a little boy who is in the hospital that is not expected to make it out of the hospital. To make the matter worse we were told his birthday was coming up on Saturday and he might not make it and so he asked for everyone around the world to send him birthday cards. Of course our office jumped right on this and started making cards! We were sad about the situation but made it fun by seeing who could make the best card for this little boy.

After work me and Lisa ran to Gristedes to get groceries and then went to work out while watching Greys Anatomy!

October 22, 2010
This day was crazy busy! We were messangered all of the crafts from Marisa's huge corporate vent. So me and Stephen were given the great pleasure of going through all of it. We had  thousands of craft kits and hundreds of sunny grams with a few surgi dolls all over the front of the office. The goal was to count and find a hospital for these crafts to go to as soon as possible. Then Jenny suddenly had a list of things for me to complete for her which was to scan a collage of the SHSU Chapter, put another college chapter in the database, and start a research project. I only got a few of these items completed so the rest of it is sitting at the office waiting for me to complete on Monday.

Then Brianna and Lisa met me at work and we went to the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)! We got to see famous paintings like the Starry Night and Water Lillie's but I think I have decided that I am not a great museum person. Me and Lisa were bored after the second floor and could have left but Brianna was all over taking pictures of the different artwork. Once we were done we decided to run to Magnolia Bakery because none of use had been yet. I bought a Toffee Peanut Butter Bar which was very good but the bakery is famous for there cupcakes which are way too small and are not as good as Crumbs in my opinion. Then we went back to the hotel where Me and Lisa decided to be good and go work out but Brianna decided to be done for the night. So we went and worked out for an hour. After that we hung out  in our rooms and waited to see what others were doing. Dale had received free tickets from Google to the Museum of Natural History so we decided to watch the movie "Night at the Museum" so me, Jose, Lisa, and Dale started watching the movie. Then a few more people came in and the movie went to the waste side when we all started talking and looking up music.

October 23, 2010
Jose, Dale, and Andrea had gotten up early to go see the new Dinosaur exhibit that Dale got tickets to for free at the The Natural History Museum. Then me and Lisa met up with them at ten when the museum actually opened. Since Dale interns at Google he was able to get us both in for free also...thanks Dale! The museum was interesting but again after about the first exhibit I was over it...They had fake animals in exhibits for all the different areas of the world and we saw a exhibit for the earth and creating of the solar system. But then we had to go see all of the exhibits from the movie we wanted to see. For example we had to go see the Easter Island Head...

After the museum we went to Union Square to have lunch. Me and Andrea had told everyone about the pizza place Patsy's we had gone too that was really good! So we decided to eat there and then of course go get Crumbs cupcakes afterwards. Then we ran into a Halloween costume shop to get inspiration. We ended up not getting any inspiration but settled with being M&Ms for Halloween I believe...we wanted something we could make and something we could stay warm in. But who knows we still have a few days until the final day so the decisions will probably change.

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