Sunday, October 10, 2010

Meeting New People Is A Blast!!!

Thursday October 7

We were preparing for a big meeting happening at our office on Friday so the interns were to work on making the place look presentable. The conference room had to be cleaned from the party we had the day before and sadly all of the sugar decorations had to be taken down. This took a few minutes with all of us interns working together. Then their are empty cubicles in the office so I was asked to organize the stuff that had been throw on them so that everything looked decent.

After that Sunny Grams needed to be printed off because we had just sent off a huge shipment to a company. On this day I printed around 600 or more probably... Then a hospital had emailed Jing about being in need of surgi dolls and another had not received items from us in a long time and so I was asked to update our database to satisfy these hospitals in need.

The office was very slow today...

Wednesday night I went and had sushi with Andrea, Lisa, Jenna, and Jose. I had chicken dumplings which were really good. Then I had to be at work Friday by 9 o clock in the morning which I am used to being there at 10 so I went back to my room and watched Private Practice until I was asleep.

Friday October 8

Friday morning came really early but I arrived at work at 9 like we were asked to be and in my business attire. A few of the board members had already arrived but I only actually met one of them.
While the meeting was going on I had nothing to do so I asked Marisa if she had anything to work on and she had quite a list. I helped her with a door hanger craft kit, Halloween crafts, and of course Sunny Grams.
Then the meeting was over and Caitlin had projects of her own she wanted me to work on. The first project was Scratch Art which she had found online where you take white card stock and color the whole thing with crayons then you cover the crayon with black paint. Once the paint is dry you then scratch out with a paper clip or Popsicle stick the design you want. This was alot of fun to try out but I also think it is a very messy project. I also did not find a material that completely covered the crayon but it would still be time consuming for kids. Another project Caitlin had discovered was Wax Sticks...I do not know if you remember playing with these when you were a kid but I did. I am not much of a crafty or think outside of the box person when it comes to crafts and so I really did not want to mess with this craft. But I did and found a instruction book in the box for flowers, trucks, bicycles, bugs etc. Of course I just chose the easiest thing and made a flower out of the wax and it actually was really cute and easy! This project unlike the Scratch Art is definitely a awesome project for kids!

Friday afternoon the Program team had a meeting and interns were invited. We talked about upgrade all of our databases in one big Excel database, adding a hospital and chapter to Project Sunshine, and all or our upcoming events for the month of October.

After work I was supposed to go to the Museum of Modern Art with Lisa but it ended up being closed for some reason. So we decided to go eat at Tick Tock for some of their amazing waffle fries. Everyone was going to see Catfish at the movie theater across the street but I had no desire to see it so I stayed in and finished my book finally! I definitely recommend the book "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".

Saturday October 9

Cityvine was having a apple picking day so I signed up to go. Me and Andrea went and had to be at the church by 9:30. When we arrived alot of people were already there but still waiting for more people. The weather was sweatshirt weather so it was a wonderful day to be outside and get out of the city.
We went to Dr Davies Farm about an hour outside of the city where you can buy a bag of apples for $31 and split it with as many people as you want to make the price less but you also can eat as many apples you want on the premises. I ate around five apples and enjoyed the view of all the leaves changing colors. The leaves for the most part have just fallen though because of the lack of rain.

After an hour at the orchard we headed out to Rockland Lake State Park which was fifteen minutes from the orchard. We had burgers, hot dogs, chips and potato salad. A usual afternoon BBQ! The park was so beautiful and was so nice to be away from the millions of people in the city. Then the games started we played the egg toss game first...I played this game and this game only because after the second toss the egg cracked in my hand and all over the front of my vest. Then a game of three legged race, soccer and football was played. At around five we headed back to the city after a long fun filled day.

Me and Andrea were starving and so me, Andrea, Jenna, and Lisa went out to find Mexican food. We started out at Chipotle but the line was super long. So we went to another place where we ordered and sat for an hour waiting for our food. Then the waiter decided to give us free chips for the wait. After that all the tables around us had food and it was clear that we had been either forgotten or our order had been lost. So our waiter saw that we were frustrated and decided to give us free drinks but that was not enough and we were out of there....
We ended up eating at Chipotle and going our own way.

Sunday October 10
I went to church at Cityvine. We had a guest speaker who wrote about learning to be a prophet...He was very interesting and then we took communion. I spoke to a few people I had hung out with yesterday and exchanged is so hard to meet people and have to be like I am leaving in three months and do not know if I will ever be back but most our cool and just say we will have fun while you are here :(

Then me and Andrea were hungry so we decided to eat on University Drive which is Union Square and had alot of cute restaurants. We ended up at a Pizzeria called Patsy's that was probably the best pizza I have had so far here and it was cheaper because we split a pizza and was full from it. Andrea had never been to Crumbs so of course there was one across the street and we had to go! Sweets are like her favorite thing to eat so I had to introduce her to these amazing cupcakes. She got a pumpkin cupcake and I got a cookie dough one. Then we sat in Union Square Park because it is so pretty outside today and enjoyed our cupcakes!

Now I am working on my internship activities which have been neglected for a while....


  1. When I come see you...CRUMBS is on the list for sure!!

  2. Of course :) there is one on every corner basically so that will not be a problem :)